Pseudocel greetings

Yo, I’ve lurked and occassionally commented a thing or two on incel communities for a couple of years. I’m not exactly an incel by definition, since I had a lucky moment when I was 26 and some foreigner woman decided to have pity sex. I assume that still puts me close to the definition, since I’m still a loser who got plenty of bullshit in dating. Funniest thing is, I wasn’t really ■■■■■■■■■■■ until that day. It actually made me realize to which extent the ■■■■■■■■■ was true, because I didn’t see it coming nor put effort on it while I struggled hard at every single attempt I had done before (and after that ended). It made me embrace the cruel tragedy beyond the bluepilled illusions of control low-value men tell themselves to believe they can be equally loved and included in relationships and sex as most people do while taking for grante (or, even worse, “earned”).

Reading you guys is the most refreshing when it comes to dating truths. As a cynical moron I have a hard time trusting people (you might wonder why I learned to distrust), but hopefully I might make some ■■■■■■■■■■■ friends here.

hey DaysAreCounted welcome to incelistan.
glad you decided to write an intro :slight_smile:

Incel doesn’t mean virgin. It just means you’ve gone a long time between sex/relationships. I guess it depends on how hard you’re trying, but I’d say going at least a year or two (without a change in your appearance) would be adequate to make on an incel.

I had a decent looking GF in college and a few hookups and make-outs, but I’ve going over 15 years without sex or relationship. Some incels would be mad because I have had sex, but that’s an elitist mindset imo.

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I can remember reading a definition like that indeed, potential gatekeeping made me doubt about it. I used to try harder from my teens to my late 20s till the point I grew overly cynical and bittersome and embraced the idea that even if I had a chance, it’d most likely turn out in some betabuxxed cuckoldry with some post-wall ■■■■■.

Welcome to Incelistan!

Yeah. It’s kind of dumb how some incels want a purity test. We already have a word for virgin.