Proof that Canada is One of the Worst, if not the Capital of Clown World

Look at the comments section too.

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Well this would have been a better place to post this

So basically neither gender shows interest in each other

More generalized bull shit.

Males show more interest or else you would be a virgin with nothing like me.

Everywhere you find feminism, you find this phenomenon of plummeting birth rates and worsening gender relations. Liberal “Progressive” bull shit caused this and you support it anyway, so ultimately YOU are the problem.


Possible but I think I show interest and flirt. I’m pretty traditional in my opinion. When I do politic quizzes it comes back as socially traditional and economic progressive FYI. Yes but feminist is a broad term. I support women having rights to vote, to own property, to work, to have maternity leave, to access birth control and have proper women’s reproductive health care. Abortion is complicated due to my religious values I don’t think women should have an abortion and it’s not something I would ever choose for myself but I think it shouldn’t be illegal because pregnancy can be a life threading risk. I more find it should just be decriminalised for health reasons or in very particular cases such as rape, if the baby has a medical issue that is known then possibly. I don’t support casual sex so I think pregnancy shouldn’t happen with ransoms.

I share every single view about women you just shared (right down to having complicated views on abortion), but I am not a feminist. You don’t have to be a feminist to believe in equality. Feminism does not have a monopoly on equality, and in fact, really isn’t about equality anymore.
Ultimately it is up to you how you identify. Most of my friends identify as feminist and I try not to give them too much guff over it. But wanted to throw it out there: you can be wholly supportive of women without being a feminist.

It’s equality that I ultimately believe in. I have no interest in abusing systems to benefit me. However these rights of owning property, voting, birth control ect are feminism. You can call it equality but it’s actually feminism. It was feminism that advocated for these rights. I’m just calling it what it is as a broad term. There’s many waves of feminism. I don’t really have a lot of beliefs about the more recent feminism. More recent feminism I think it’s actually very complicated and becoming a mess.

Radical feminism caused incel in japan, not feminism itself.

Incel is a condition inherent to the human species, when women were no longer indocrinated by society there was more incels. In the 60’s and 70’s there wasn’t much incels because women were on drugs and indocrinated to be free loving hippies. Without the indoctrination, women return to the default state of being chadsexual. 8000 years ago 95% of men were incels which is the default state of the human race. That is why rap music always brags about gold and riches, in rap music one alpha male gets laid who is rich.

Therefore both sides resort to tyrannical methods of control, patriarchal males of the past relied on keeping females in ignorance and domestication in order for the female population to reproduce with males besides chads. We can see the same thing with feminism, 4th wave feminists rely on keeping males ignorant and domesticated in order to stop males from questioning the incel condition.

And then on top of that, my country is just legit retarded.


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Interesting, trust a corrupt gov and health organization to give safe vaccines.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Even worse, mandatory vaccinations have been warned about by various so-called “conspiracy theorists” for a long time now. It seems that those predictions are finally going to materialize.

Clown World, where the consent of a female to allow a cock to enter her vagina is paramount, yet in that same world we mutilate male babies without a second thought and now consider the idea of forcing people to be injected with chemicals.

What a fucking joke.


She looks a bit like Britney Spears

not really

Yet another example of how Canada is the full retard country of Clown World.

They subject us to this English-French simultaneous bull shit. This is no joke. French wasn’t even an official language until it was forced in 1971 to be recognized as such. And now we have to constantly listen to this catering even though most provinces are an English majority.

The baffling inefficiency of Clown World. Why not just have two separate fucking channels? This just proves right here that most of our institutions are run by fucking idiots when they can’t even get this right. But perhaps that’s the point.


they should just put covid in with the regular flu shot yearly

So now people getting 2 shots every year instead? Just what we needed, more chemicals and aborted baby cells in our bodies.

No 1 combined obviously

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