Progress through constipation

constipation added to our constitution. Save on toilet paper by becoming constipated.

Health gurus claim that you need to poop 3x a day to be healthy. But in apocalyptic times desperate times call for desperation. Try to be constipated as much as you can. Other methods are the 1 wipe wonder, try to wipe once then take a shower. Try to aim for angel poops also. Try to make your poop hard as a rock instead of sticky and icky, no muss no fuss.

This is a public service announcement.

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3x a day? I wonder where you get all your information from because that’s pretty whack.

I’m taking a shower today though so I will heed this announcement.

I went to a hippie convention of naturopaths and she told me best way is to poop 3x a day.

She was a tall goddess of a woman, about a 40 years old cougar and my main sadness was I never got in her pants.

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No lol. You just have to have regular bowel movement. Everyone is different. Some people poop a lot and several times a day and others once a day. Some maybe every other day. As long as your having a BM every 1-2 day’s it’s fine. However if you haven’t had a BM in like 3 days it’s a medical emergency.

No. When I was young I used to be constipated for 5 days sometimes up to two weeks constipation.

That’s not good. Usually that means there’s a blockage if it’s that long. And if it’s longer than a week you get a lot of stomach pain and it’s actually toxic to your body.

it didn’t feel toxic to me, I had lots of energy back then.

In hospital we give an enema after 5 days.

id like to be in a hospital where nurses must give enemas.

It’s common in psychiatry…medication makes everyone constipated.

I think I never spent an entire day constipated.

hum now we know your fetish

Its not one of my fetishes really thats like saying a back massage is a fetish. I haven’t given it much thought until just now

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I think it’s pretty clear has multiple of those.

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xvideos has a lot of interesting material

Massage is mine.

I have grew out of porn a long time ago (I don’t watch it). Its just a dopamine addiction like social media

massages arent a fetish

the word fetish is the result of american puritanism gone awry, now everything is called a fetish or something these days

i wouldn’t be surprised if someone claimed that holding hands is a fetish

Well I do want (actually need) dopamine.

you should try pot, much more mentally rewarding than porn

I don’t do drugs except alcohol.