Pro male master race vs tradcon peasant


my dad is mostly tradcon, but he does not exactly fit your description of “tradcon peasant”.

Everyday all he watches on tv is a steady stream of trash cancer and garbage. Shows glorifying american authority like CIA and cop shows. I am thinking about buying a 2nd pair of noise cancelling headphones so I don’t have to hear the drama/trauma. My father only turns up the volume to spite me when I ask him to turn it down.
My life is an Orwellian nightmare, even the most dystopian of societies pales in comparison to the television shows americans watch on a daily basis. it is a steady agenda to keep the entire population in fear and complacency, filling them up on a daily basis with negative news and drama television.

At times like this if I wonder if females running society that things would have actually been better, males run society yet still incels everywhere, and with females at least we get a steady stream of MLP tv instead of masculinist nonsense shows. With MLP tv we can actually work and enjoy our lives with it in the background, without the masculinist nonsense constantly giving me PTSD draining me of energy 24/7. Let it end…


that’s legit abuse

No, it’s not.

Replacing censorious, cop-worshiping, male statists with censorious, female statists, that think everything against them is misogyny, will surely go well. I just know that the best way to remove sexual harassment from the workplace is to remove all of the men and force the women to pay for all of our tendies. Pure, reverse tradism; the way it was prophesied.

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we need a new form of feminism that has feminine females.

Problem with feminism is they basically embody toxic masculinity.

Think for a second, how homophobes behave. Feminists basically act exactly the same when it comes to male sexuality, unlike Pick Me Penelope, when a crumb of dick is presented they run the opposite direction.

if feminists want the right to work who are we to stand in the way.

Marx was the oppressive one who believed women should stay at home and not work. But if women want to work and males want to stay at home getting neetbux who am i to say no to this.

Personally the only tendies I approve of are vegetarian tendies.

Society says that “real men” work but from my personal experience most women seem to love their jobs.

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