Potato faced, round shape blob looking males is why inceldom exists, and why women can escape it

because women have make up and men don’t. Literally, its that simple. The whole thing is about standing out from other faces, which look like a massive pile of mashed potatoes with eyes and a nose. The reason why women and chad can get laid easily is because they look distinct from the vast majority of humanity. Women have make up that makes them look exotic and chad also looks exotic, he doesn’t look like a mashed potato with eyes and a nose.

Think of all the males in china for example. About 95% of them are going to look exactly the same, like one boring massive blob with eyes and a nose and mouth. They all have round faces that look extremely similar (no offense ricecels, its the same in white people as well).

This is why women who have make up, can look exotic, and not look like a potato with a face. Also why chads and tyrones exist, they look exotic and angular, not circular and boring.

I think if make up didn’t exist, most women would look the same, and be boring and unoticable, but since make up exists, women can look exotic and paint their faces differently.

I disagree with @DarthDva that males look like apes. They really look like boring piles of mashed potato, or chocolate pudding if an ethnic.

Think of what makes a cherry blossom tree so special, its completely unique, and not like the other billions of trees on earth that are boring and green, and repetitive.

Women wearing makeup is all about deceiving men, much like how a predator in camouflage deceives its prey.


you can wear make–up if you want in coastal liberal areas as a man and no one will harass you or anything

source: self

Of course not. Instead they will assume your trans or gay.

I don’t think make-up is going to help men, unless they’re looking to take a dick up the ass. But gaycel is already a meme as is.

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Men look like apes and chimps, women look like angels.

(Before you call me a c uck, if you’d call me a c uck for saying this, you’d be calling yourself a gay, because you would be offended by me saying that women look more attractive.)

Calling males potatos is a good analogy I must admit, they do look like potatos, many incels are either genetic trash or incel for financial/autistic reasons. While I can understand poorcels or autist views, some truecels views are incredibly selfish and self-centered, like some want to enforce patriarchal sex-slavery or similar crap, like to continue to spread their genetic trash genes so the future generations can what? Make more women have to endure it? Such a lack of vision for the future.

Only because they have make up.

agree thats a shitty thing to do except you’re forgetting women pass on ugly genes as well.

Y chromosome is passed to the male, females dont have y chromosome. Some girls are still hot without makeup.

I think ugly women passing on their genes doesn’t matter because only male genes matter, to protect and defend the tribe.