Positivity Thread

There are dozens of threads here devoted being negative (many started by myself), so I thought maybe starting one that posts positive things.

inb4 thread devolves into negative shitposting

I saw this photo of the side of a building which made me think of starting this thread. I also just listened to this podcast with (former?) incel Jack Peterson

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Frequent overthinking is correlated with higher levels of IQ. Dumb brutes never think twice, yet we reward them and then wonder why the world sucks balls.

So maybe instead of hating on men who overthink things, the rational approach would be to see it as a sign of superiority.

If females like men who are decisive, then it needs to be expanded to take into account those men who are only less decisive because they can think more, and see more in their mind due to their superiority. So it takes longer to come to a decision because the intelligent male has many more possibilities to choose from, not necessarily because they are an indecisive person.