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I want to gauge what percentage of people here are circumcised. I’ve been reading some literature recently that strongly suggests sex for females is even less enjoyable with circumcised males, for instance. I wouldn’t be that surprised if circumcision was playing a role in this complex issue of inceldom. (Though for the record, I am not circumcised myself)

“The incentive to mutilate is much more sinister than just money. It’s a satanic ritual that creates beta males, and the pain and trauma psychologically damages them for life. It also disconnects men’s penises from their hearts, and ruins true intimacy with partners.” KrissyKayIndigo

“Having sex with a circumcised man is uncomfortable for a woman, and this discomfort (often pain) quickly trains her to avoid sex. She make excuses, like “I have a headache,” “I’m too stressed-out about housework,” or more honestly “I have a bladder infection/cystitis,” or “I feel chafed,” or “I feel bruised from last time.””

“The vast majority of these women agreed there are indeed definite, discernible differences between circumcised and natural intercourse. Natural intercourse is decidedly superior—gloriously better.”

“Foreskin contains unique pheromone glands found nowhere else on the body,** that about 30% of women could consciously notice, when sitting next to him on the couch, or standing near him. The other 70% are only subconsciously affected by these airborne sexual chemicals, and feel an increased sense of well-being, relaxation, and sexual arousal in his presence. A circumcised man is more neuter in this respect. He smells more like a plastic manikin to a woman.”

"An Intact male enjoys being fondled and touched before intercourse just as much as a woman. He does not rush insanely to penetrate, so he can finally feel a smooth wet coating around the head of his penis. There is no disconnect between the two partners during foreplay. The sex act is not abbreviated. "

But I don’t see the big deal if Roasties feel pain in their R0astie. Actually it’s a good thing

Dude female genital mutilation is barbaric and sickening. Also making females asexuals will not ascend incels.

@Restart80 circumcision is nothing more than male penis mutilation and an absolute evil unless medically necessary to fix penile malfunction. I believe every word of the negative effects that circumcision can cause. We are literally living in the stone ages and dark ages right now.

All circumcised males deserve financial compensation for this brutal injustice and blatant human rights violation. This money can be used for penile reconstruction or to simply spend as they please.

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How do you include images and videos?
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Circumcision, or more appropriately named Male Genital Mutilation (MGM), is absolutely evil as it serves no purpose aside from demonstrating to the male baby that it is disposable from the moment it enters this world.


Maybe I should have that Noble Citizen thing under my name. How do you get it?

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Circumcision is a mark of slavery a notification to the male of what the world really is.

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Circumcised and cut, fuck my life man.

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Pain is a good thing (for them) they like to be stretched out and pounded so hard that they can’t walk properly the next day. If you ever get a gf or wife only allow her to perform oral sex on you, never give her pleasure by having vaginal intercourse with her.

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If in the hypothetical scenario I ever get one I will be sure to only come on her face and nowhere else.

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Over 50% of women cannot orgasm as it is, not even though masturbation. We don’t need to be making their condition even worse than it already is.

What…What are you talking about? How am I supposed to have kids? Why would I refuse to give my wife sexual pleasure?

From another forum I had posted this. Sad.

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What forum? What a sickening outrage.


(note this is not about real life violence its just a game)

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For fuck’s sake man, blatant censorship is everywhere now. They’re making the internet less fun turning it into just another one of their normie hell on earth.

Fucking normies man.

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The forum is love-shy.com

It’s not much of a threat even to this place, as the forum is mostly dead and it is moderated by people with political beliefs that go directly against the interests of Incels. Seriously, it’s no wonder the forum is dead when most Love-Shies are also Incel, and most Incels hate Liberalism/Progressivism.

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There’s a poll function in the editor

I for one am very progressive.