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To DarthDVA

The queen bee of incels
Baddest woman around

Women did not respect her and she would breakdown

Male lesbian, this is not a contradiction in terms
However to most lesbians it brings images of maggots and worms

DarthDVA had dreams of a tomboy society
Too alleviate hate, darkness, sadness, anxiety


Give me sex I want sex please god I pls give me sex

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It is often said by some,

that “art” is made with blood, sweat, tears and cum.

And in every man’s possession is a unique canvas,

painted every night to tell the tale of his particular sadness,

crying, wanking,

succumbing to the depths of his lonely madness.

Ofcourse the femoids would find it gross and sad,

but I refuse to erase the tragic story found only in the bedsheets of an incel man.

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roses are red
violets are blue
I’m depressed
and so are you

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interesting poem.

hmmmm :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

you’re not alone playboy, that’s true
fuck with us and we’ll rush you
21 is the year incels be saying shit
21 is the year incels be spraying shit
well versed with cruel life
and the way of the gat
to calm my nerves
hit the pipe and take a drag
this incel shit is real
no escape no surrender
I’m a cold ass robot, just like Bender
Come at me with that bluepill
Bitch return to sender
The way it is, these normies cannot win
Think again
Coz when you’re life is over
Mine just begins

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I’ll be concise
It’s hard to admit
My dick looks nice
But no one sucks it


Every day
I struggle to wake up
because being awake is pain

If guns were legal
I’d sleep much longer
with a bullet in my brain