Plastic Surgery Goals, Anyone?

I have plastic surgery goals (Facial Team spain), and also voice surgery goals (Yeson Voice center)… somewhere totaling around $60,000 NZD based on my predictions (could be a little more, could be a little less).

I could easily save up this amount in 3 years time if I got a full-time job, since I live with parents on cheap rent… but since I suffer from severe mood swings and autism… I’ll try running a 3d printing business instead, and helping out my parents with their amazon store. Might even take out a loan to cover 25% of the cost or more.

…Not expecting to have girls throwing themselves at me at all btw… it’s really just to be more confident, draw less negative attention from people. I wouldn’t date anyone even if the opportunity presented itself. I also wanna be able to go to nightclubs again just to dance it off every now and then, without looking awkward this time.

…I think I’m a narcissist, but at least I’m aware of this character flaw… so it’s better if I just do my own thing and stay a lone wolf for life… I hate making people unhappy, even if unintentionally.

100% of my procedures will practically all involve shaving off excess bone, so no lip injections or botox or any of that garbage. IMO you should only ever get plastic surgery if you actually need it… and also do proper research as to which procedures would actually benefit you the most. (You’re probably doing it to measure up to Western beauty standards… so you may as well find out what Western beauty standards actually are.)

Most people who get plastic surgery don’t actually seem to need it, but oh well… that’s their loss!

…now for those of you who do have surgery goals, feel free to post them here. And also post how you plan on being able to afford it. Let’s get motivated!

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Tbh, I’ve seen your channel and I think your naturally attractive, but I also get it if you want to do it cause it’s an internal thing.

I’m not sure if it’s a thing but I’d get torso stretching, my legs are so long relative to my top part that it just looks awkward.


Torso stretching? First time I’d heard of that one. I’ll be sure to look it up lol

On a fun level, ive really wanted elf ears for a long time

Otherwise, ive got BDD and im borderline anorexic(I say borderline because I have the thoughts really strongly and its devastating but I love food too much and my metabolism is too fast to really lose or gain weight easily). I do wear a corset band when its fucking with my mind really bad but not most of the time. So alot of what I would change has to do with my weight. Id shrink my stomach ofc but I cant think of anything else i want to do thats even possible. I just feel like my head is gigantic and my pelvis is wide and i have no ass and i have a hunch and i have flatfoot

Actually I also have self harm scars on my arms and injury scars on my back(fell on a metal railroad corner and broke a rib), right foot(toes hacked off and reattached), hand(fire accident) and knees(bike accidents) that I could hide somehow

you could try like ‘scar cream’ (or whatever it’s called) you can get on Amazon.
might help with smaller scars.

You don’t look like you need it, tbh.

I don’t believe I need plastic surgery either. Maybe a cure for Autism though, theoretically. And then there’s a part of me that doesn’t even want that because I have no idea what person I would become.

Completely unrelated, but how do you write so well then? My brother has high functioning autism so I’m not coming from a completely idiotic place but he could never type out his opinions because he doesn’t really know how to emotionally engage and I was led to believe that that was a common tendency across the board.

Do you have Asperger’s or still in autism range?

Asperger’s was removed from the DSM with the DSM-V in 2013. Not that I completely agree with authorities on absolutely everything, but it did make sense.

There was actually little difference between Asperger’s and High-Functioning Autism (HFA) before the DSM-V. The main difference was that Asperger’s had no speech delay, I believe. My level of being able to speak, at 3 years old, was on par with an average 14 month old.

Either way, it is all just Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) now, with Autism level 1, 2, or 3 in severity. People who had Aspergers or High-Functioning Autism are just reclassified as having level 1 ASD.


and if that doesnt work, subcision for acne scars on temples and forehead. the latter being surgery

costs a few thousand and I keep putting it off because I hate doctors

If your scars are not too bad can you just use the at home microneedles?

no they are too deep for that

Also I am not sure where the assumption that every person with ASD is unable to type coherently comes from.

The OP herself claims to have autism.

Tbh on the net its super hard for me to tell who actually has autism and who just says it. I’m sorry if it came off rude or anything like that. In the states, they keep people with autism sectioned off, so when we would go pick up my brother from school, I’d talk to his classmates and they all seemed to have emotional conveyance problems. Maybe it’s an effect of the American cluster or something. I never thought that you or anyone couldn’t use a keyboard, I meant more just like an issue of getting what’s in the mind, if complicated, on paper.

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Regarding your brother, it seems to me like people with Autism struggle a lot more with speaking than they do conveying their thoughts in text form. The speed of that form of communication can be overwhelming because people with ASD tend to process information more slowly, though potentially more thoroughly, than a neurotypical. Although some are still well-spoken, as I have been told that about myself.

Difficulty talking seems like it is more commonplace though. I’m only well-spoken in comfortable, familiar settings. I go nearly mute in novel (i.e. stressful) social situations.

Ya, maybe he’s just a different form, because he doesn’t really speak great in any context

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@QuantumCatX You don’t need plastic surgery. Your problem is that you are bat shit crazy. I mean seriously, just look at this for a second.

I somewhat disagree with her take on the Incel problem, and sexbots will not become a “symbol of failure” on anyone’s part but feminism and society itself (when within 10 years a huge chunk of the male population suddenly vanishes from the dating pool), but it seems far from “bat shit crazy” to me.

Meh. I guess I’m a mentalcel and I assume that other people are mentalcels too.
Shameless plug to my writing:

agreed, I may not agree with QuantumCatX, but “crazy” is more of an insult than a description.

I read your article john, and I agree, you can always find someone who has it worse off than ourselves.
do you think that magic wand you talked about should come from inside yourself metaphorically or outside yourself in some practical way?

“There are countless other losers out there, and nobody hears their stories. White men who have nothing to cry about. They can’t cry about racism or sexism. They are maybe unmotivated and/or they have a mental health problem. They aren’t justified. Right now, I am one of these people.”

Not true, since feminism is state approved, widespread misandry that is committed against millions of men every single day.

And unlike “the patriarchy”, it isn’t imaginary.

Men are becoming increasingly unmotivated. What you describe is a phenomenon that is growing in frequency among men in their 20s and 30s. Since modern females are impossible to appease, feminism revealed how love isn’t real, and marriage has been transformed into a horrible scam, most rational men are just staying with their parents and playing videogames all day while minimizing the time they spend contributing to this gynocentric misandrist society, hoping that it just hurries up and dies already.

We are just ATM machines having our sexuality being taken advantage of on a constant basis, while somehow being forced to acknowledge that the “objectification of women” is the worst thing ever. Fuck this society.