Planet of the apes

Imagine being a higher being, but born on planet of the apes. Surrounded by apes that want to stay as apes. Imagine being born a shrek and surrounded by shreks, but mentally not wanting to look the same as a shrek. Meanwhile all the shreks around you talking about shrek pride when they have shit lives.

and the planet of the apes going to continue, with the same broken system of everyone being an incel, because monkeys dont want to improve the dna.

Shrek is funny and has friends. I wish I was Shrek.

I want to improve DNA only to advantage HighIQ men and women.

Shrek has a wife

Yes and his wife is green. I like green women.

You want to shrek maxxxx?

high iq=autism and autism has some flaws to it. Some humans will need a 250 iq to build a dysonsphere but really we don’t need that many humans to be high iq.

The imminent threat is AI having IQ of 200,000 which puts all life on earth in jeopardy. Since logically, life is suffering.