Picking a new language to learn

I’m a native speaker of Portuguese and I know English relatively well (I struggle in pronunciation, but at least you can understand what I write).

Today I decided to learn a new language only for the sake of learning. I’m not looking for practicality, so it doesn’t need to be something too useful, it just need to be as easy as possible and exciting.

After some research I selected four languages that meet my criteria:

  • Esperanto
  • Spanish
  • Norwegian
  • Korean

Esperanto is probably the easiest human language anyone could learn, but I don’t feel very excited about it. It won’t let me know any new culture, everything about it artificial.

Spanish is very easy to learn for Portuguese speakers, but I personally don’t find it very appealing. It’s more practical than exciting, and for practicality I already study English.

Norwegian is very easy for anyone who already knows the English grammar and I believe Norwegian culture has lots of cool things for me to discover once I learn the language. I have to take a better look at it tho.

Korean seems to be the best option imho. It’s easy to read and speak despite being different than anything I already know (its writing system was built specifically to lower the learning curve!), has a nice culture behind it, has tons of online material etc.

What language would you like learn and why?

Learning languages is never something that interested me.

I’d sooner learn a programming language.

Do you have a specific one in mind? I know some, I’m a computer programmer.

A programming language that is well suited for game design, so probably C++ and/or Java.

Take a look at C#, it’s used in Unity 3D. Its syntax is similar to Java’s, but much nicer. Java is crap imho.

Learn nigga

Jk If you are white learn Korean and use it to ascend in Korea.

Are you willing to teach me?

Sure I’m not that good, but I can do a little

Sounds nice. I’ve heard stories of white western men having an easier time dating girls in eastern countries.

Probably true. It’s not like it can get much worse.

Yeah so do it

I read so much about Korea today that I’m going to visit the asian category of pornhub.

I’m a native Spanish speaker and I’ve learned some Portuguese. I think it’s fun reading Brazilian news or hearing series and podcasts in the original language.

What?! You’re literally the only one to think that.

I’ve always wanted to learn German with the dream of relocating out of the shithole known as the United States into Europe. It will probably never happen though because I’m too poor.

As far as language is concerned I primarily speak English where I am not exactly fluent in Spanish but I do know some of it growing up in the south western portion of the United States. In that portion of the United States Spanish is practically a secondary language.

Takes some solipsisitc arrogance to claim knowing what 8 billion people think, but you keep seeing what you want to see

A hyperbole can also do that for me.

I have a solid dream of becoming a Portuguese citizen (it’s easy for me because I’m Brazilian). Then I’m going to emigrate to Lithuania.

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I wish that I could leave the United States. I’m stuck here unfortunately.

Russia or eastern Europe would also be on my destinations of relocation besides Germany.

I heard Slovenia is nice.