Picard picard

Saw the new picard (for free I might add.) It was good but they didn’t need to add the cussing. They put an f-bomb here and there. It’s not a filthy show but I don’t like the cussing in it. If I wanted to watch star trek with cussing I’d watch seth mcfartlane.

cant find the clip of Q saying “jean luc pickerd”

just miss the good old days of eating bean tacos and watching star trek

society should be UBI income where people work at home and watch star trek all day. That is what life is supposed to be

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Difficult to argue with that.

I think the reason why more people don’t work from home is that Boomers refuse to retire, cannot use computers, and don’t want to change anything.

Good news though, my 72-year-old Boomer aunt is retiring on March 31st, so it’s happening.

that is good. However I don’t have much faith in zoomers. They only know how to use phones not computers. It is up to millennials (1990-2000) to inherit society.

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Yeah, fuck phones.

So far it really isn’t that bad of a series.