Pets and morality

Having pets is wrong, immoral and abuse. Pets must universally be banned from all of society, in order to help all animals.

Dogs go stir crazy when stuck at a home. Dogs sniff and lick around all day. There is a dog in my neighbors yard that whines and howls on all days. This is a sign of boredom. Forcing animals to be bored is morally wrong, immoral and abuse.

Dogs are meant to be free, in the wilds. Dogs evolved from wolves, wolves live in the wild and hunt. Modern dogs are like pugs, pug eximplifies everything wrong with having pets.
All reptiles should be free’d into the wild.

The only reason an animal should be held in captivity is to clone it incase the species is endangered.

All humans do is endanger and enslave animals.

In an ideal society all cats would be free’d into wild. Stray cats would keep down the rodent population, resulting in better human homes. Ideally, most homes would have a small cat house outside. Not to keep the cat in captivity but to shelter the cat incase it is raining or cold. This way the strays could have optimal lifespans. Castrating cats would be banned from society.

I’ll have you know my cats are treated very well. Thank you. They are my children. If they were outside they would not survive the harsh winters we get. They would likely get hit by cars, trains, buses or attacked by other wild animals such as coyotes. By having my cats inside I take very good care of them. I give them warm shelter, a ton of toys, they have their own cat condos and their own bedrooms, I give them good food, I take care of their medical needs, look after them when they are sick, I sing to them, snuggle them, scratch their ears daily, brush them, and pamper them. My cats live as kings and shall be treated as kings. image

That is the face of a king! Now warship him! Before he pees in your shoe…image


I suppose I could give you a special permit. However normies would be banned from having pets until they get a permit for pets. Houses will need a minimum sq. footage and income level to be allowed pets.

Like some guy who lives in country will be allowed to have dog, but not allowed to have dogs in city.

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This is for the greater good of animals.

If there is a sufficient sq. footage then pets will be allowed on the premise, however there will by monthly inspections to check for quality of life. The inspections will cost 10 dollars a month given to the State to pay the inspectors.

People already have to pay pet licensing fees

Its unregulated. A lot of dogs are just put in the yard or indoors all day its boring and unnatural. Dogs and cats need to have freedom

Yeah. People with dogs need to be able to walk them and take them outdoors.

Walking a dog is not enough. The dog must not have to endure the indoors lifestyle, nor be kept in pens and yards.

Animals don’t exist for human amusement. Humans want to control everything and everyone.

Dogs shouldn’t have to be bored just because humans are bored. Humans are bored so they get dogs in order to share in their boring human lives.

I took my dog everywhere with me. She went camping, hiking and spent a lot of time outside. In the summer she swam in the lakes. She was a happy dog.

This is for the greater good of all dogs.

Most people have to work and their dog just sits indoors or outdoors all day which is unnatural. Animals need to be free.

some people bring their dogs to work. When I was at work some days I brought my dog to visit the patients while I worked, or my dad would take her out during the day. My dentist brings his dog to work everyday.

The vast majority of people, like 99.99% don’t bring their dogs to work and its against the rules to bring dogs to work.

Well then we must change the laws in that regard. Dogs should be allowed at work unless its like a food place but then there should be accommodations like the dogs can be outside with the owner while they dine at an outdoor table. imo dogs should also be allowed to order food like a steak.

some will still leave their dogs at home. No dog should be left behind or made to stay indoors or outdoors all day like a hermit.

Human hermits have higher iq than dogs so are able to enjoy intellectual entertainment. Dogs must be in woods doing dog stuff to be entertained.

They could always chase their tails indoors lol

That sounds boring. Dogs need to be natural and free

Mine seems to enjoy it tbh