Perhaps incels are too hard on themselves

Hum Assuming a 10 is a super experienced guy… then I’m no more than a 4, if at all. I’m competent, and I’ve experimented a few things with my ex, but I still lack experience. At least I believe that I’m good at oral sex. Oral sex on women is super tricky and most men are somewhat or quite bad at it, but I had the opportunity to train a lot with my ex because she loved it.

I certainly can, yes. But I rarely do. I was investigating this behavior with my ex psychologist, but I quit before reaching any meaningful conclusion on this matter. She noticed a self destructing behavior in me that involves not being able to keep my life organized. It has much more to do with my mental health issues than my personality, but in practice this distinction really doesn’t matter…

Sure! I’ve cooked before, but I don’t know many recipes. In fact I know just a handful of super simple recipes. Assuming a 10 is professional cooker, there’s no way I’m a 5.

Well I’ve been living alone for 10 years, so… I guess I can look after myself. I’m not dumb, it’s just that I’m not mr perfect. lol

Restart has said many times that fine men are treated like crap because women’s standards are way too high. It makes men who are 6/10 believe they’re 2/10. I agree with him.

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Missing the point as usual.

A “9” for “kind and understanding” pretty much requires someone who is a doormat with high agreeability. I’ll never agree with anything if it’s just clearly wrong, even if it makes me seem like an ass ■■■■. I’m also never going to understand blatantly irrational behavior.

I can learn how to be social? I am social enough with friends. But why do I need to learn how to be an extrovert? What the fuck is wrong with just being an introverted male?

I “can” learn how to be sexually skillful, but if females all demand males that are sexually skillful and confident right from the start, then no. No you can’t learn as a male very easily.

Yes with cooking stuff, but haven’t bothered because I need my own space for that.

You tell Starlord he “could be a 6.” It’s incredible how much tougher it is to be a guy. Oh, he “could be as good as Michaela.” So nice to know, what a compliment. Imagine needing to put effort in to be around Michaela’s level, lmao. May as well quit.

And the way you talk, now you sound as if ratings are objective? Yet earlier you were trying to argue with me that ratings are all subjective and meaningless anyway. The problem is you don’t know how to score anybody.

I’d also like to add to this further.

What the fuck does potential have to do with your current status? Love says we “could” do this or “could” do that, and therefore our scores are not accurate. But so what? If we are currently at a given level, then that is our rating at that moment in time we were rated.

It’s like I rate Michaela a 3, and then Love goes “no her potential is 5 or 6, but she’s just a ‘little’ too fat [and needs plastic surgery too for that matter].” Okay… still a 3 at this moment in time. I don’t see how that is relevant.

Here’s another. Picture a female rating me. “Oh he’s missing stuff but if he works out at the gym, becomes a bugman, becomes extremely confident socially and sexually, becomes extremely extroverted, and learns fucking astrophysics, I would consider him a 9, so I’ll rate him a 9 as he is.” Said no female ever.

An analogy? A student scores 50% on their final exam. “Well if they retake the course and study twice as hard, they will get 75%, so they should get 75%.” No, they get 50% because that was their performance on the test in that moment in time. Period.

Holy shit. Does Love understand how retarded this sounds yet?

The question wasn’t how experienced you are it was how skilful you are. There’s a big difference there. Just because a guy has been with many women doesn’t mean he’s good! What makes a guy good is their ability to listen, read body language, and ask do you like this? Or asking what do you like? And someone who wants to learn what she likes.

Yes but you can get back on track and work on your self destructive behaviours.

I’m not looking for a professional chef. Just someone who can make their own breakfast, lunch and maybe an occasional dinner and won’t die if I’m not around or could help out sometimes if I’m working late tied up with something. As long as it’s editable.

I dont agree with your irrational behaviour but I still validate you and your feelings. I still understand how and why you feel something even when I disagree. Being understanding and kind doesn’t mean you agree with the person it literally means you are kind and understanding to their feelings.

You don’t need to be an extrovert but there could be times you would meet a partners friends or family etc.

Ok first of all men aren’t just good from the beginning. Each person is different. So even if a guy had been with many women the first time with a new women he has to learn what that particular one likes. So you have time to learn.

Idk why you keep talking so much about someone you said you didn’t like. She seems to be on your mind daily.

Females are inherently irrational. To an irrational person, a rational person will seem irrational. So who are you to judge me as irrational? Ask the other males if I am irrational.

Also if someone is wrong about something, then they are wrong. Feelings don’t matter when it comes to discussing facts and analyses.

And no, you don’t get time to learn. Because females expect experience/skill in everything, including socializing with her well enough to even get to that point in the first place.

Because your rating of her is fucking retarded and is an insult to my low standards, and nobody else agrees with you except for allegedly some people that exist somewhere off this forum. I could make up literally anything and just claim everyone outside the discussion group I am currently arguing in agrees with me so I win. It’s infantile bull shit.

Do you really think guys are going to tell you some female is ugly to your face? In fucking polite Canada? Do you understand where we are as a society right now? We’re at a point where males aren’t even allowed to have preferences at all without being called misogynistic pigs and “enforcing the standards of the patriarchy.” So now we have females believing it is okay to eat themselves to death instead. What an improvement. It’s a fucking joke.

We’re literally living in a society where, occurring at the same time, we have females on one hand eating themselves to morbid obesity and still getting laid/becoming shitty single mothers. And, on the other hand, we have males who are working their ass off at the gym, largely motivated to get laid with a female that is NOT an ugly obese piece of shit, and many of them are STILL Incel lmao.

Michaela’s rating ONLY makes sense if you consider her SMV relative to the entire human population. In that case, she is probably at least a 5 or 6. But that proves my fucking point right there, and the point I always made from the very beginning. Females are massively privileged, and I refuse to comply with it.

So this can be said about you…

I don’t expect someone to know what I want from the beginning

Then you don’t understand what most females expect.

No, because of my first statement about females in general, so your opinion doesn’t hold much weight. You’ve literally admitted that you are guided by emotion, not rationality. And I said to ask other males because they are more rational. Males are more rational than females in their decision-making processes. That’s just common knowledge.

You don’t understand I’m not most women

Depends what men are making a decision about.

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If you really aren’t, then you’re the one that really doesn’t understand yourself, because if most females aren’t like you, then why do you keep defending them?

You don’t make any sense. Either I am like women or I’m not, make up your mind. I can’t be both.