People used to prey on me to get a job when they know I cannot even work

It sucked so much. Like everyone around me knows if I got a job it would destroy my mental and physical state. I used to work and got totally ruined by the whole process.


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Lmao, nice meme

I think I will be able to work, but I’ll be damned if I work myself to an early grave for this society.

Being a wagecuck and a NEET are both shitty lifestyles tbh. Strike a balance, get yourself something at least.


I personally can’t work.

Am on Fluoxetine and Quetiapine now… but the drowsy feeling that it gives me in the morning is so overwhelming… it makes you wanna sleep in… hard. But at least I’m not offing myself or something.

If there was a job in the world where you could just show up whenever you wanted, and sleep in whenever you wanted… I’d probably do okay. But there’s no such jobs other than Uber… and if you do decide to drive Uber, you risk losing your disability cheques if you earn too much and land on their radar.

So I became a UBI activist instead. :upside_down_face:

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Maybe I could use some of that Quetiapin stuff. I have been waking up at 3am and needing sleeping pills to go back to sleep every night.

My job allows me to come in whenever I feel like it which is pretty cool and it’s a full-time position. I don’t particularly like it all the time but it’s very flexible

Amazon Turk yo

You can make $20-30 a day, 4-5 hours a day whenever you want.

Might be harder outside the USA though

There also sites where you can teach chinese children english for like $10-11 an hour no experience needed.

And also there are about 10 or so sites for website testing with a mic that pay $12 per half hour (but work is extremely scarce on those web testing sites)

Heard good things about Teslio too

usertesting is cool too

I signed up to mturk but they won’t have me, and they wont say why either. I get “you are not eligible” or something and that’s it (even contacted their support).

never heard of Teslio (Testlio) but that looks interesting.

depending on how quickly you can type is pretty good/easy. (they do transcription work).

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Rev is ok if you are a fast typer

There are honestly plenty of opportunities to make money online

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I’m disabled with a chronic illness and a nurse my parents knew told me “if you were my son I’d kick you out of the house and tell you to get a job”

what nice person, I’m sure they have lots of friends :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not “if you were my daughter” though, eh?

Wonder why that is. Oh yeah, because females can still just choose to be freeloaders and nobody will give them shit for it (or not, seems to be entirely their choice). Meanwhile we are considered worthless deadbeats by default if not working full-time from the moment we turn 18. Some privilege we have.


What are you talking about omg… My brother is 23 still chilling at my parents and I had to leave at 18. I think you go around looking to be oppressed

may not be looking for but yeah, could be negativity bias, “the negativity bias, is the notion that, even when of equal intensity, things of a more negative nature have a greater effect on one’s psychological state and processes than neutral or positive things.”

either way, it most definitely veries based on family, person, up-bringing, social pressure, behavior, all kinds of things.
I think they mean the social pressure aspect affects males more than females. but again, there are other factors at work.

All the information we got from that was your age and your brother’s age.

What allowed him to stay and what resulted in you being forced out?

Edit: I will also add that it is more of an average. My younger sister is 24 and has been gone (by choice) for 2-3 years now, having moved into a house together with her boyfriend. I’m 26 and staying put because it’s simply the most rational thing for me to do in this society. People outside of family tend to trash males more for living with their parents. But families are becoming increasingly accepting of letting males remain in the home, probably because it’s becoming so damn common and they realize somebody fucked up somewhere with this society even if they won’t admit it. Statistically among people in their 20s and 30s, males are significantly more likely to be living with their parents.

Idk my parents made me get a job at 14 and I moved out at 17, not by choice. Yet my brother is in his mid twenties and my mom babies him and doesn’t everything for him but can’t attend my graduations

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That super sucks. You mom sounds like a dick.

You could Google the amount of money that you are allowed to earn while on disability (ex. Social Security Disability Insurance) and make just under that amount by Ubering. Also you need to have a cheap car that is under a certain number of years old because if the car is too expensive fixing it will cost more than the amount you make from Uber and it it’s too old they won’t let you Uber.