People made fun of incel culture and I got personally offended

I was browsing Facebook today and someone posted this


Then everyone in the comments section started with malicious comments on how incels are subhumans, toxic, stupid, dumb, hateful etc. And also blaming us for our celibacy.

It was awful.

70% of the people commenting there was females with average or above average looks, and the rest from males. All of them NPCs.

I got very upset because there was just too much misconception about our situation. They all had already heard of the “incel” thing but no one really understood what it’s like to be incel.

They just want to bash us.

These stupid NPCs believe they know a thing. They don’t pretend, they actually believe it. If they were just pretending I wouldn’t be so upset.

They’re the hateful group.

I obviously didn’t say a thing because I don’t want to attract attention, so I just kept scrolling down…

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I could annihilate practically all of them on measures of analytical intelligence, as could many here.

Inferior lifeforms thrive in a dystopia much like how bacteria thrives in a garbage dump.


I can’t wait for when the unsustainable nature of this current world completely collapses and these females have their naked asses exposed to the cruel cold world with themselves completely mentally demoralized in the process. They’re in store for a rude fucking awakening and their privileged or entitled asses will not survive that transformation. Upon the day of this happening or transpiring it will be fucking glorious and spectacular to observe throughout witnessing.

Soon brothers, soon…

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It’s because of the negative image and stereotypes


yeah, thats why, but it still sucks to be categorized and stigmatized like that that.

whoever made that poster knows way too much about old memes

And a majority of women are so easily persuaded or controlled by suggestibility.

Yep, but it doesn’t make them any less wrong.

@maidana @Zero_Sum I made my first video to try to address this issue. It’s supper long though. So when you have a half hour check it out


Many incels are toxic, online, that doesn’t excuse the bullying. If they were truly good people, they’d have compassion of incels. 25% of incels are good, possibly more. Therefore, people who hate incels are bad people, this can be proved demonstrably true. Because if they were good, they would not spread hate to incels, but instead try to reform incels.

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More like 75%.

Incels are more “good”, relatively speaking, than the rodents we call the general population.

I view the majority of humans as bad people, so I’m being generous.


I’m going to review it asap.

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I think 75% might be a bit an overestimation.

If we’re using the general population as a measuring rod and be optimistic with 50% being good, then yeah it’s about right.

I blame many incels for tainting the label with misogynistic horseshit, but I also lament that there are alot of well meaning lonely (mostly) men whose image gets tainted by association. Hell I feel bad for the reactionary ones too, I know their pain after all.

The fact of the matter is that loneliness and sexlessness is a modern epidemic, and the warranted incel bashing unfortunately leaves alot of suffering (mostly) men on the curb.


I have mixed feelings about the incel label. I prefer TFL/foreveralone.

Incels have been ruined by 4chan trolls and /pol/ guys who infiltrated the community and destroyed it from the inside. All this happened and no one gained something, at least when feminists infiltrate communities they gain something in return, for example when they destroyed atheism with their lowIQ babbling and promotion of female agenda.

Instead stormers gained nothing and only destroyed a good environment for lonely men.

Normies are not helping with their bashing. Assuming that we truly are stupid, misogynistic, entitled, and so on, what good can one gain by shaming us for our deficiencies?

That really shows the nature of normies, they want to bash people, but like cowards they attack only the easy targets. Of course normies will never attack crippled people because they fear social repercussions. They only attack incels because it’s socially acceptable

Me too, but I’m an incel regardless and I take things personally.

I have come to the conclusion a lot of Normies are NPCs. I came to the conclusion while in a mediative and enlightened state. I am almost sure of it.

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