Over for men

Here is a drawing I made:
What would you call this? Would you call this art? Would you say this is an exceptionally beautiful thing that I just drew?

If you did, you’d be insane. What I just drew is obviously not art, it is lower than garbage. And these are the hurdles most males have to face.

You see, the male chest is exactly the same as this drawing. Men have sickening hair on their chest, equally as sickening as this drawing. Therefore it’s over for men. If someone said they were attracted and aroused by this drawing, would you believe them? Similarly, if someone said they are attracted and aroused to a natural man with hair on his chest, would you really believe them? Maybe your conscious mind would be deluded and naive enough to believe them, but deep down, subconsciously, you’d know something is amiss. And yes, it is mostly women behind this modern art movement, with shapes and squares, random paint splatters from the vagina, appreciating the non-art, like appreciating the hairy chest.

It is over for men, and never began. Imagine living in a world where, women wear tight shiny yogas, showing dat ass, but you are told by normies that you are not allowed to touch it, yet women at clubs are allowed to touch male butts without permission, due to a sexist double-standard because the world is anti-male. The world is anti-male because males have no smv, the human race is a failed species and a mistake. This world is a nightmare, and we are stuck in it. Men must walk around with unnattractive hair on their chest while women drool for chads, any male who is a natural man has no smv.

society sux and is cancer, people are becoming increasing heartlessand subhuman


I like it. It’s just a fucking shit storm with no clear way out. It represents the most accurate instructions possible for success in DSR for males, which is that there are no instructions. There’s no rhyme or reason to who succeeds or who doesn’t. It’s just chaos because wherever females are granted “control”, you end up with chaos.
(Seriously though modern art sucks)

On another note, I actually have minimal chest hair. Is that attractive? Who knows. Like I just said, more chest hair could be interpreted as more masculine and maybe that makes a male more attractive… or maybe more chest hair is just aesthically displeasing in a general sense and makes a male less attractive. Either way, DSR is the one and only thing I have ever studied for such a length of time and still can’t make any sense out of it. So who cares.

Just for fun, I thought I’d mess around with your image. I just messed around with some filters in Photoshop. Some would still say it wasn’t art.


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