Over for attractive normies


When I see an attractive person I assume their personality is crap.

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Why would they suddenly have to? It’s not like anyone took the quarantine seriously. Certainly not chads and women who hooked up from day one.

I wish I could stay at home for 6 months

you can though

I don’t get paid and have bills to pay

You work on your days off, but then you wish you could stay home for that long.

This just proves that what females say has zero meaning. It’s like listening to a baboon, except perhaps less obvious to the uncucked.

Also females choosing to do something and then bitching about it afterwards to people who are forced into a bad situation… almost sounds like the whole inceldom issue itself.

Because I’m a nice person. I have a high case load and a lot of things to do. I feel bad when stuff is not finished especially if I know someone Is waiting and depending on me to finish it. There’s stuff that my clients need from me and things they can’t do until I do my stuff to approve it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need a vacation and time off.