Our forum has ranked very high for 'femcel forum' on google for years now

And yet we’ve had maybe 1-2 biologically female femcels in 2 years on here.

So I went into the new ‘femcel forum’ (name undiscosed), to figure out what they have that we don’t.

Basically it’s a clique of black women with boyfriends and male simps who use the word ‘femcel’ for their anger having relatively less sexual market value than other women. But they are doing fine dating wise. They are also almost all radfems and very subcultury.

Now I do think that femcels exist, but self-identified real ones are very very few.

In other news, rain is wet and the sun is hot.

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Although I accept ‘femcels’, I believe and will say: females CANNOT be incel, in strict definition


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Femcel: Says she got rejected by a 30-year-old, 300lbs guy that she only got to hold hands with

Later: Ghosts me

Me: “Doesn’t seem very femcel to me.”

Everything a female says must be assumed to be bull shit until verified (if ever) through rigorous analysis.

I’m not sure if a real femcel forum could exist unless it was set up to allow all of a female’s extreme hatred… of females to exist. I’m of the idea that because feminism & patriarchy equally have the idea of, “We’ll protecc OUR females from harm, through our exceptionally retarded ideologies that manipulate the victims!” that she just becomes a loner, willing to blast away any ideology that claims to be offering her any “protection.” “Come join our team, because we protecc our femlings better than the other team!”

Most of psycho-lol-ogy is like this, whereby they offer “advice” on how a male can be less violent & how a female can avoid violence from a male. They don’t tend to talk about how females can avoid violence from a female, because they pretend they’re prepared for the mentality of a female wanting to maim any tradcunt or feminist cunt that pretends to be her protector & ally “from male harm”. It’s why I don’t think any real-ish femcel forum could operate under the current environment, since she’d rather be a genocidal loner.

I believe that femcels exist, some women are tragically unlikable and/or ugly.

But they would never identify as a femcel, radical feminism usually has every base covered for them.

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Yea this is true.

Have met one female personalitycel once in hospital. Her personality was so horribly obnoxious there’s no way she’d be able to find a partner.

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Lmao, yeah right. If she’s average-looking then there’s no way she’s a femcel even if she’s batshit insane.