Opinion on female circumcision?

It promotes modesty, morality, and virtue, that’s why it was very popular among western women in the 19th century. Yet at the same time it could cause infections and pain if not done by a doctor.

All forms of circumcision are barbaric, evil, and backwards. It is simply a form of judeo-christian-muslim antagonism on males and females. The only time circumcision should be allowed is once they have a medical problem from phimosis.

What about adulterous women and women who masturbate? They should be circumcised to prevent degeneracy in society.

Religious idiocy is degeneracy. So is removing perfectly functional body parts. It is a downgrade not an upgrade.

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adultery and degeneracy is behavior and choice, and has nothing to do with what body parts a person has or not.

also, whats the problem with women who masturbate? men who masturbate. should men have things cut off to “prevent degeneracy”? (I’m not actually asking, thats really stupid.)

Edit: to answer your question. no.

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I still think female circumcision is beneficial to society. And it has health benefits for women. As well as mental benefits since modest women are happy women.

This thread is completely asinine. Making women even more asexual than they already are isn’t gonna help incels.

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My thoughts are that either both male and female circumcision should be legal, or both should be illegal. No middle ground misandrist double standard nonsense like we have today.

I’m not convinced circumcision is necessary though. I’d rather both be banned.

Straight women are asexual by nature. Sex is just the price they’re willing to pay for a relationship, which is the only thing they really want from men. Women don’t instinctively give sex any importance. They just tolerate it, and perhaps enjoy it just like you would enjoy a house chore.
The idea behind female circumcision is to make sex a bit less tolerable for women so we’d stop having all these nightclub slags and degenerates roaming about, as well as reduce the rate of paternity fraud which should be a crime punishable by death in any sane society.

Male circumcision is worse because any permanent injury to that part of the body is psychologically more traumatizing to males than it is to females. It’s similar to how females get hysterical about rape while men don’t. Male and female brains evolved separately.

I think we have far more pressing issues, like the way in which feminists have warped society. I don’t think circumcision would solve the massive entitlement issues (and furthermore, total lack of awareness of said entitlement) of females.

However I do have to agree with you on one thing. Paternity Fraud should be severely punished (death or life sentence), and to add to that false rape allegations should carry, at minimum, the equivalent punishment of committing said rape.

And yes male circumcision is barbaric. I was actually born in a Jewish hospital and of course they went right to wanting to circumcise me. Only reason it did not happen was my mom refused to have it done.

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Only thing that can prevent female entitlement is Sharia. Islam is literally the only uncucked thing left on the planet. Yeah the women will still hate men and view them with contempt/disgust as that’s their instinct, but we wouldn’t care since women they wouldn’t control the laws anymore.

When Mohammad saw the female supremacy and anti-male hatred he was so disgusted that he mounted his white horse and rode straight into Mecca. There he confronted the Queen, raised his sword, and yelled “Begone Thot!”, and with one fell swoop her head was separated from her body.

Women are not asexual, they are chadsexual. If sex wasn’t important to them they wouldn’t be spamming sexualized pics of themselves everyday on twitter, they’d dress more casually. Sex with chads is very important to women. Male and female brains did not evolve seperately, they are almost the same. That is why the idea of being raped by men disgusts men as much as it does women. Men find most truecels unattractive, just like women do.

@Restart80 not only jews are to blame for this barbaric evil practice, it is also done by catholics and muslims too. Remember that all 3 religions originated from the same barren wasteland desert. I want a world where there is no more circumcision (except in the cases of phimosis.)

Not going to lie, Islam does seem like an improvement over the Cultural Marxism we have now. I’m not saying it is ideal by any means, but that is just how bad things have become here.

You’re right though that this practice is one of the Abrahamic Religions in general. My mom being so Catholic held that hospital up in high-esteem, then acted surprised/disgusted when they wanted to chop a piece of my dick off lol.

After all, male circumcision is/was really common. My dad was circumcised, probably by Catholics. Today he defends the practice or at least is not opposed to it, but to do so would mean having to admit that what was done to him was bad.

Its a barbaric and inhuman practice. I don’t see why we have to degrade ourselves to obey inhuman religions just to get some pussy. After all, science is on our side and we can find alternative ways to get pussy. Yes its true that women are chadsexuals and disgusted by most men. But science and reason can find an answer. There is no reason to revert humanity to 2000 years in the past to solve a temporary problem.

Also, I don’t agree with your harsh punishments about fake fathers. You are biologically male, wired to be harsh (not all males are harsh, but its just a tendency amongst males.) There should be punishment, but not so severe. Males are kind of a virus, a plague upon humanity, spreading their brutality everywhere they go. Females noticeably look better, more curvy, less stone-age looking in the face, yet males insist on spreading their genes. Rest assured though, Feminism is also a virus, a blight upon this world. Feminism rewards females for behaving like cruel men. There should be a world without cruelty. I hate the human race, both males and females are fucking abominations. How dare humans say they are above animals. How dare humans burn down the amazon. How dare humans value profit more than people. And maybe males wouldn’t be so toxic if women gave sex to them. I’m so fucking mad. I hate the human race.

This gun is not pointed at you, Restart80. This is a metaphorical gun, pointed at mankind itself.

i do not agree with this song but it is about how mankind is bad

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You can’t suppress evil without brutality in the name of justice. You’re complaining about a world in which this is necessary, and that is true. It is precisely because the world is rotten that justice becomes the only method of controlling it.

Whether that’s a scummy male or a manipulative female, both need to be put down by righteous males. And righteous females too, in theory. If they actually existed or came into existence through science.

You are injust, so you’re saying that you can somehow give the world justice using injust means, which logically does not follow.

You yourself stated that murdering a lesser human should carry a lighter penalty than murdering a greater one (i.e. higher IQ, less crime history, more rational/less impulsive).

That is an example of ideal justice. Also, there is no such thing as a good lie. Lying is always evil, purposefully obstructing the truth is evil. That is why Paternity Fraud should carry such a harsh penalty.

Lying is not always evil, sometimes it is necessary to prevent an injustice. And such harsh penalties are anti-social, to both the mother and child, and just plain ridiculous. Feminism was supposed to counter the male harshness, sadly it is really more like just another cruelty and blight upon this world. In my Abortion thread I address how female politicians spread cruelty rather than fight against it, which is how females are supposedly advertised.