On the double standards of fat shaming between men and women

This topic fascinates me concerning the subject of double standards of fat shaming between men and women. On the one hand overweight women are creating a movement called ‘fat acceptance’ and yet regarding overweight fat men nobody ever says much about them saying that they garnish respect whatsoever. You have entire drives of overweight women complaining about men and popular culture fat shaming them calling it inherit sexism yet when it is the same instances regarding fat overweight men it is still socially permissible to alienate them by reducing them to the lowest common denominator.

You have instances of corporations like Victoria Secret being pressured into advertising for plus size women and yet there are no generous accommodations made for overweight plus size men whatsoever in contrast. I just find this whole dynamic strange, interesting, and hypocritical. It becomes very interesting this dynamic, fat overweight women are to be accepted, cherished, and elevated within society whereas fat overweight men are to not garnish any sympathies whatsoever. That seems to be the general mental inclination of this focus.

Is Calvin Klein clothing going to initiate a campaign at the behest of fat overweight men? No, of course not because time and time again throughout the modern west the problems or circumstances of men are completely ignored chopped up to significance of nothing at all.

Are fat overweight women somehow disparaged any differently whatsoever in contrast to fat overweight men? No, of course not.


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Even worse than that, it’s completely over for short males if it wasn’t already over enough for males in general.

But you have very little, if any control at all over your height. Weight can (generally) be faulted due to choices.

Yet another reflection of the nature of females. They believe men must take responsibility for that which isn’t their fault, but in stark contrast believe that females should be absolved of their terrible decisions. It’s everywhere.

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What’s very curious is that you’ll come across things like 'fat women need love too ’ where in the public eye it is viewed that fat overweight women deserve every human dignity as afforded even to the most sexually attractive of physically fit women and yet at the same time these so called entitled human dignities shown to fat overweight women it is not expected to be shown at all to fat overweight men by fat or skinny women themselves alike.

Also even more fascinating is that in my own life experiences I’ve across a plethora of fat overweight women that still truly believe they’re entitled to the top percentile of men concerning physical appearances or wealth and will without hesitation reject men that are equally fat being overweight just like themselves.

When I come across instances like this I’m always thinking, “Are you fucking kidding me, you’re not exactly a fine prized peach yourself.” Yet these fat overweight women truly think of themselves as thick plump living goddesses.

And yet because they’re female with a vagina they’ll reject fat overweight men or those they view as lesser men despite being overweight fat themselves. Somehow a fat overweight woman is entitled to more along with preferential treatment compared to fat overweight men just by the sheer virtue of being female. It is this blatant hypocrisy of fat overweight women I find very interesting, hypocritical, and incredibly amusing.

A lot of fat women will be of the mindset, “I’m going to get me a nice wealthy muscular stud to date just you watch.” , where in contrast I’m like, “You self absorbed heffers are going to be lucky in finding any male wanting to fuck you that is alive breathing that it is incredible that your standards in men are still this high. Delusions of grandeur much?”

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve come across delusional fat overweight women like that and I think it is truly amazing that many of them will still reject the sexual advances of fat overweight men thinking that they somehow deserve better. [Thinking they’re somehow better compared to those men.]

As I’ve said plenty of times in other threads, when you have fat overweight women and the least desirable lowest common denominator of women clamoring that they are entitled still to the top percentile of men having a view that indeed a majority of males are disposable your society is entirely fucked where it becomes irredeemable at that point. Your society has become too far gone circling the drain.


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I don’t personally have a double standard. I actually like larger men with a wide frame. But I do support Victoria secrets, Aerie and other companies advertising larger women because historically they only advertised 0-2 sized women. And I’m no size 0-2. Victoria secrets also only carried up to a DD until recently and now they have DDD but still as one of the leading stores for lingerie they should carry sizes that more women can wear. I also do think CK should do a line for larger men. Why not? Same with clothes. I’m short and I have to hem every single pair of pants I buy because they are always too long. I try to wear tights, skirts and dresses as much as possible so I don’t have to hem but it would also be nice to buy a full length dress one day and not have to hem it. I’d support a larger CK line and I’d support a larger bald man being the main character in a rom com

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Advertising fat women isn’t doing anyone any favors.

There is an objective standard. Objectivity is thinking rationally without being deluded by emotions.

Fat women are unhealthy and advertising 600 lb models is about the same as advertising anorexic models, it just encourages them to stay fat or anorexic. Advertising slightly chubby girls is fine I guess, just too much when 600 lb jabba the hutt models are going around saying that big is beautiful.


We can keep it pretty simple.

Anything within the “underweight” to “overweight” range may be deserving of representation. This is because of the variation in body types such that someone classed as overweight might not be as overweight as average given their large frame, and same for underweight.

But let’s keep anorexia and obesity where they belong. Nowhere near from being perceived as positive in the public consciousness. There’s really not much of an excuse for either of these, and they are objectively unhealthy, often to a significant extent.

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I’m sure that any of them are 600 lbs. The group of women look like they are around 150-200 lbs imo. I think 150-200 lbs women are ok depending on height its overweight. After 200 lbs it starts getting into obesity. Its obviously not healthy for anyone to be over weight but I still dont think people regardless of gender should be shamed for it because thats hurtful. Instead they should be encouraged to live healthier lives and more active lives. It doesnt help that everything these days are full of preservatives.

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But they don’t and that’s the point, it’s always about one set of higher standards for women only and fuck all men.

You’re suppose to treat overweight fat women with human dignity and meanwhile nobody gives a shit about fat overweight men where as far as society is concerned they can all die of coronary heart attacks because at the end of the day nobody gives a shit about men overall.


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That set aside what I’m getting at is that society has come to a point of viewing fat women favorably and yet very hypocritically fat overweight men are still viewed unfavorably as outcasts. We’re at the point that fat shaming women is a grave sin but to fat shame men is still socially permissible because they’re male. [And who gives a fuck about them, right?]

Then there is the rather amusing circumstance of fat overweight women rejecting fat overweight men predominantly sexually because they perceive themselves as being entitled to more just by the sheer virtue of being born female. We’re supposed to say, “Hey, fat overweight women can be sexy” , yet at the same time nobody would dare state such with fat overweight men.

It always fascinates me in human female behavior of women wanting their cake and eating it too, the sheer hypocrisy on full display is simply astounding.

What really bothers me in all this is that women complain to such ridiculous degrees of physical sexual objectification and then turn around pretending that they don’t do the exact same thing to men. That bullshit double standard just fucking kills me.

Take this group of women in this photo below, when I see shit like this I see a bunch of entitled cunts that are dishonest, disingenuous, and outright lying. If they were more honest their sign would read, “Everybody deserves respect except fat overweight men, poor low income men, and any man that doesn’t fall in the top twenty percentile of males. Believe women and females everywhere.” Because in reality beyond bullshit neo-liberal fantasies, hype, propaganda talking points, virtue signaling, and bullshit parade motivational posters we all know women everywhere don’t respect everybody, they most certainly do not respect all men. It’s a case of a bunch of Elizabeth Bathories pretending to be Mother Theresas by sheer virtue signaling.

When I see women or females like this below I just want to shout at them all by telling them to get fucked. Yet it is this kind of blatant hypocrisy of modern women we men are told we must turn a blind eye towards coming to accept or expect it within silent resignation. The attitude today is that women can do no wrong and men are the savage oppressors everywhere as if females themselves don’t play any role whatsoever in determining men’s savagery.


Concerning the sexual objectification of men by women it’s basically all men are suppose to look like this below to be deemed sexually attractive and by being a man not looking like this you’re deemed sexually unattractive as a male to the point of being existentially worthless. The so called more fair, innocent, virtuous, and victimized sex or gender. It is clear a majority of women everywhere are bullshit liars or con artists where unfortunately for them a majority of men are catching on very quickly to that fact.

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I care about overweight fat men?

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Minor exception to the majority general rule concerning most women.

There’s a tiny small marginal percent of women I respect like Karen Straughan [another Canadian also.] for instance but it still doesn’t get away that a majority of women are awful hypocritical creatures with no regard for anything or anybody beyond themselves. Especially no regard for a majority of men, instead there’s only largely disdain or general contempt.


Yeah there can be women with a lack of disregard for others. I’ve met a few.

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They’re predominantly the majority of women everywhere nowadays.

Some people are good and some are trash.

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A majority of women are trash, simply professional hookers to rent or for hire. I call them rent-a-girlfriends, rent-a-wives, or just gold post trophy-bitches.

Want a wife? Cash up front!

Want a divorce? Cash up front!

Want a girlfriend? Cash up front!

At any point you want a relationship with women or females it’s always about the cash up front.

I remember being a younger man from the age of eighteen to twenty five travelling around the United States thinking to myself, “There has to be at least one woman that will treat me like a human being showing a general interest in me as a person that won’t judge me based upon money or my occupation. Surely there has to be one single woman like this left in the entire world.”

Needless to say after living in fifteen different states and travelling through thirty nine of them I never found such a woman anywhere, not even a single one. As usual and what I learned overtime pretty quickly, cash up front!


tenor (16)

The vast majority are in fact trash. There’s no doubt in my mind.

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It’s no coincidence to make it to 27+ years of age and to have never had a single female make it reasonable enough for me. They always expect more from you than they do from themselves. If you’re in high school, you’re not allowed to be shy. If you’re an adult, you’re not allowed to be poor/unemployed for ANY reason (also still not allowed to be shy). Period. There’s really not much of a variation from this AT ALL. I say “not allowed” because having those things effectively bars you from the entire gender to which you are attracted.

This can even happen (potentially) in the same female across time… my ex-oneitis occasionally messages me online and now asks me questions about what I am doing in school and if I am going to start working soon. This so-called Hippie was literally talking to me trying to get me to start making money ASAP. Like why does she care? Is she just hanging around like a vulture, denying me any actual attention until I have what she wants, just like when she denied me exactly the same thing in high school for different reasons? She can go fuck herself.

For the record this is some outgoing, libtard and (as of a few years ago) vegan. She’s posted stupid feminist shit on her FB but for some reason in practice appears to believe that a male HAS to be working under all circumstances, and despite being very outgoing and uninhibited, appears to expect the male to always make the first move. This is what most females are like. Opportunistic hypocrites and they’re a POS for it.

I guess I am just supposed to apologize to an entire 50% of the human population for being born with autism, as if there aren’t worse things that these fucking harpies end up deciding to get with, and often casually so.

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I think the higher standards of money appear in women in their twenties because that’s when the nesting urges happen. Teens don’t usually have any standards at I didn’t have any standards as I teen. Mostly because I didn’t know what I wanted and I didn’t fully know who I even was as a person then. I think the standards decrease when women are in their thirties and haven’t married yet.

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