On so called male toxicity

Everywhere I read nowadays on gender identity or social issues there is the subject of male toxicity.

I find this very amusing because women or females act as if they’re not the root cause of such toxicity to begin with concerning their completely unequal judgements upon men as a whole.

Picture this, as a man you’re deemed worthless if you’re poor, low income, not physically fit, and cannot provide a luxurious lifestyle for modern women. Isn’t female inequality regarding sexual reproductive preferences of men in of itself unequal, discriminatory, and toxic?

If male toxicity is a real thing it is because men react and lash out against women for their own toxicity. It’s because men lash out against the very rules or standards females collectively themselves have devised regarding competitive sexual attraction, the only difference is that female toxicity is given a free pass being deemed socially permissible without the slightest inkling of criticism.

When are we going to talk about the female toxicity problem?

When are we going to talk about female prejudices towards men?

When are we going to talk about female inequalities against men?

No ladies, it is you females that have turned sexual relationships, dating, and sexual courtship into a toxic zero sum game not men.

It’s like hypergamist women with their 20/80 Pareto principle of male sexual desirability can’t see that when you go full Darwinian concerning sexual interactions creating a majority of what they deem male losers it’s inevitable you’re going to have a toxic environment socially. That’s a natural consequence of writing a majority of men off.

When you create an overly hyper competitive sexual environment where the standards, rules, and such such are so narrowly rigid which a majority of men can’t live up to you’re bound to have a toxic social environment.

It wasn’t men that created this environment, you [females] did overtime.

As usual women scapegoat men for everything under the sun pretending they’re eternal victims because we’re lead to believe in this modern environment that women or females everywhere are blameless, without faults, without their own prejudices, and without their own inherent hypocrisy on full display. Perhaps it is women that needs to be socially rehabilitated concerning their own sexual toxicity not the other way around, yeah, let’s talk about that for once in a public discussion forum.

@Restart80 .

“The females cry out in pain as they strike you.”

I see a lot of parallels…

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I believe the word is Toxic Masculinity.

But yeah exactly!

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