On goals to de-weebify

Over time, the weeb stuff is going away completely.

First by not using the weeby font for the logo, and using a more generic forum software

We’ve been working with a weeb to build a new forum software, for fun. But the issue is he is a weeb and his software is buggy.

Xenforo is too expensive and bloated. And we’re not going to use a ‘nulledteam’ version like incel.is. Also PHP is not great for customization.

Agree with this dude basically

I would like to see forum software that has the feel of classic forum software (like Flux), not in PHP, that is server-rendered, with a very minimal default theme (no animation) and minimal JavaScript, and that has many of the modern features of Discourse.


why should it be server-side rendered?

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yea I didn’t really get that part either

What weeb stuff?
I never noticed anything weeb here. I’m so confused.

Buggy software I can accept. But a weeb developer? Not even at gun point.

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