Olá, amigos!

Name’s NadaBeautiful, some guy named [modernmonetarytheory] on reddit invited me to use the site, and since i know most incels spaces on that site will get nuked, i decided to shift some stuff around.

Im 23, incel from brazil, and work as a IT developer.

Been rejected and stood up more times then i can count, but despite of that, i do have multiple friends (from both genders, that is), and have been called a nice, outstanding guy from them, also, i like to help people.

I do tend to easily get pissed off at bullshit, so sorry in advance.

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hey, welcome. I agree about Reddit being a dead end. If you use Reddit a lot have any suggestions to make this place a better home for incel issues for you or others let me know.

Also, np, we have a lot of people here with neurodivergent traits.

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hey welcome @NadaBeautiful

That’s great you have friends

hello NadaBeautiful, welcome to incelistan.