Ok... intro

so i’m not allowed to seek sexual and romantic partners here? that was fucking sad.

i’m a 38 year old man from the BEST CITY IN THE WORLD, malmo - the king of shit cities. deal with it. new york, london, tokyo, can go fuck themselves. malmo owns 'em all.

i’m a lifelong virgin, have never had sex with woman. because i’m short, despite that i’m a biznizman. but the socialists destroyed all my bizniz plans. they stopped my bootlegging operation. they stopped me from selling junk. they stopped me from opening a gambling centre in my living room. they stopped me from setting up a dogfighting ring. socialists hate the free market and innovators.

i don’t get what women don’t see in me? i’m a biznizman, i’m always delivering the goods, and i’m most often shutting up. yet i have approached 1000-2000 women, in malmo and half of western scania. i’m not having high demands, i’m ready to settle down with a drooling mongoloid woman who suffers from ALS (as long as it isn’t a tranny or from stockholm).

hello Mennan, welcome to incelistan.

(good intro btw)

you think i’m having fun?

my soul is the blackest black. the world is a ruthless, rotten apple fought over by worms and other scavengers. i hope to see some grey light at the end of the tunnel. i hope the doomsday prophets are right and jesus comes down with a giant lawnmower to turn the evil humanity into fertilizer. but all that is in the real world is: eat and be eaten.

the only things keeping me alive are literally dogfighting videos and thai death matches.

oh sorry I replied to the wrong thread honestly

you’re forgiven

i like the colours of your avatar.

Dude. Have you considered the possibility that you are either bat shit crazy? Also it’s spelled “businessman”.

Listen. You live in Sweden. A country with Universal Healthcare. Please get a psychiatrist and a psychologist. You have severe mental problems.

Sweden itself is going down the shitter. Not surprising that Swedish men are devolving like this.