NOT "Progress", THIS is Old News

It’s taken from an old playbook that is INTENDED to destabilize society.

hour long video with no content. Post proofs besides some random guy on Bitchute.

Sources like this, which will be biased in favour of the Soviet Union?

“This article addresses whether the postrevolutionary Soviet government intended to destroy the family and discusses the intent and consequences of the various family law codes that were decreed between 1917 and 1945. It is shown that there were in fact three different perspectives on what the role of the family should be within the socialist state and that Soviet policymakers did not achieve consensus on the issue of the family’s role. Further, it is argued that despite the revolutionary tenor of this time period, legislation was not capable of successfully altering citizens’ attitudes and behavior in the direction envisioned by early lawmakers of the new Soviet state. Implications for analysis of contemporary law are included in the discussion.”

TLDR; They weren’t trying to do anything specific it’s more complicated lul.

The different perspectives are probably just referring to what was discussed in the vid above. That they first destroyed marital unions at the local/religious level, and then reinstated marriage as controlled by the state.

The vid does make the point that a lot of the actions taken in the Soviet Union don’t seem Marxist. For instance, it was the wealthy “Chad” males that funded the movement because they wanted to fuck more females. But it also makes the point that Capitalism and Communism are essentially the same as both reduce the individual to cogs in a soul crushing machine.

Here’s a good one actually. Overall, it seems pretty widely known although never discussed in academia with students.

there are lots of capatalists out there who will happily provide citations against communism.

i was too bored to watch the video after 10 minutes (it had no content.) I couldn’t really understand what point he was trying to convey. He seemed to be saying he wanted men to get married and have families because it is essential for society that men remain wage cucks and be utilities in order to provide for females.