Normiefag #1: The Gen Xer Female


Toot toot

Honk honk

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Me when I see socialist thots like that one:


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Lol I’m socialist. Also liberals aren’t socialist. Liberals are just stupid.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the free helicopter rides for the fucking Commies.

I do think Socialism has merit, but not at all like what we’re seeing today (i.e. A socialism that would not provide incentives for the emergence of an idiocracy).

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Still, this is the stuff of lifefuel

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Socialists are communists with patience.

And what merit is that?

But you aren’t a thot.

What Americans call “liberals” are really socialists. Politics is a complex matter but they fit into into any modern definition of socialist.

Couldn’t agree more.

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I would disagree. Liberals are just weird like they tried to do “free education” and free extended health care like prescriptions for children but only in very particular situations and basically failed at everything. If your going to make something free then make it free for everyone. They had really low cut offs and weird rules like not taking the individual income but your parents combined income for things like school which made me ineligible for any school grant even though I didn’t live with them and they paid nothing for my school. Which basically means if your parents work you don’t get any grant. And no they aren’t rich they struggle paying rent every month but the cut off was so low. Plus I think if you don’t live at home it should just be based on the students income but they wanted me do all this BS and have my parents write a letter saying they aren’t supporting me as an ADULT and then of course my parents didn’t want to look like bad parents and refused to write the letter so it did nothing for a lot of people.

socialists have always been better friends to incels than fascists, unless you think social darwinism is friendly to incels lol

Not too sure about that tbh.

“Fascism” doesn’t value the fucking idiots that currently tend to be successful in DSR in our countries. They value things like honour, honesty, intelligence, and other traits more commonly found among incels than in the general population.

Most “socialists” are Marxists that HATE the “straight, white, cis gendered male” for being so damn privileged. They will impose measures to bring down those they deem privileged as much as possible, when in reality much of these differences occur due to NATURAL differences in our biology.

So basically, Marxist-Socialists are very anti-social darwinist and want to turn societies upside down so that those who would have won otherwise are the losers, creating a very dysfunctional society ruled by normies/idiots (i.e. the mass consumers/voters of manipulative mainstream media), hence leading to an idiocracy that is easily controlled and enslaved.

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look I don’t know if you believe this but the general fascist incel narrative is that incels are genetically inferior. If that’s true then incels are not the true alphas and they would not be very welcome in a fascist regime as “genetically inferior”

Some Marxists are a problem I have to admit. But not everyone.

Noncel socialists like Marcy, Clouscard, Houellebecq, Reich, Fourier, Nagle and Undersky and @Love among others are sympathetic to incels.

A ton of socialists sympathetic to the plight of incels relative to fascism. Bax also probably has something sympathetic to incels somewhere given he basically founded the American MRA movement.

Which noncel fascists want to help or are otherwise very sympathetic to incels? Richard Spencer? He’s now using incel as an insult despite his previous sympathy and he’s a perpetual liar.

Devlin also is not a fascist.


Fascism was about denying material conflict as driving society. In fact, they were almost entirely disinterested in class conflict, saw elitism as good but weren’t really concerned with it etc… In other words @Zero_Sum is not at all a fascist, despite the fact that he says he is mainly a gold-bug type socialist even though is also concerned about non-material things.

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I didn’t really understand this

edited it, previously it didn’t make any sense, didn’t write it correctly

Lol it’s ok.

There are huge differences between classical socialism versus communism.


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Capitalism fails with its privatization of every facet of society.


I don’t deny that.

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Actually many Italian fascists discussed how materialism was a bankrupted, decadent, and collectively empty ideology to the detriment of the nation state.

Fascism was very collectivist, esoteric, and believed in the national transcendence of a people throughout history. As such fascism is opposed to materialism and we must remember it is communists that are obsessed with material dialectics not fascists.

Elitism is fine, however if elitism interferes in the general well being of society or a nation where it puts its interests over everybody else’s only then does it become a problem.

Under fascism ideally elites serve a caretaker role in supporting and taking care of the well being of the general population, the elitism of fascism is nothing like we have in today’s modern liberal west where the elites are selfishly only concerned for themselves at everybody else’s expense.

Under a fascist system such elites would be promptly disposed of.

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Wrong, behind every fascist ideology traditional marriage and family is the bedrock foundation of society or civilization.

Fascism would not tolerate today’s atomized individualism or social liberal values.

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