No white women travel to India for a reason


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Remember at some point some white woman traveled to marry a dude in India. It was literally an international news story lol.

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I traveled to India


If no one wanted to fuck Indian dudes there would not be like 1 billion Indians on the planet


Of course not. It’s a shithole.

Some do. Hooking up with the men however is not the reason why, actually my theory is that they want to go there because they will be worshipped by people there.

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Indians. The only race even more fucked than the Asians with regard to inceldom.

I’m sure arrange marriage maxxing helps on this too.

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its just awkward.

As stated before, arranged marriage and keeping feminism at bay have helped with this.

As the feminist disease is spreading into India, their time is fast running out. The growth in currycels is likely rising faster than the population growth of curry males itself.

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