No war with

We are not going to be ‘against’ or the admins there.
Including Sergeantincel or Master

Constructive criticism of any forum is allowed including this one, but we are not going to war with We are not a website or group of people that will disrespect people. Some were angry because the wiki fell apart but the past is the past.

for 2 years the wiki was tongue-in-cheek-SJW and jokey and people other than just incels thought it was cool and very funny

now I think there’s a 99% chance that that one tradcon will come back on and make it, and there is absolutely nothing I could have done to stop it

oh well it was unique while it lasted

and we all move on and learn. Everyone comes out the other side better.

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We wage total war against dot co. We are going to lose, but who cares

It actually would not be hard to ‘beat’ in traffic

it just requires an ass-ton of money as well as way too much tolerance for certain posters

and do not have energy for that, nor am I trying to ‘win’ anything

So we lost. Ok doesn’t matter.

I think people harbor some misguided hope that Sarge is a reasonable guy who maybe a year from now will agree to unban them if they make clear they don’t want to go to war with him.

I find it amusing that the one thing they feel threatened by is

like why?? their main complaint seems to be pure jealousy about domain extensions, which is not a good look if ur claiming incel is a life circumstance and not a cult. I don’t see any crypto mining software on is already tons more popular than And SAS has always been more popular than lookism.

they should stop caring about competitive things

Social anxiety is mostly just a term for social ineptitude / nerdiness. That’s what love-shyness was all about – guys being incompetent with women. is based but I respect Mr C too much not to trample on him. Even though he was an asshole to me in PMs calling my wiki a third rate wiki

SAS on the other hand is dying and used to be based

now its just owned by some faceless corp

As a member of from 2010, Mr. C is a bitch.

It needed to be said.

I was serious about no war with guys that includes everyone