NO to Cashless Society


I barely use cash anymore. I pay everything with my credit cards.

It’s amazing the amount of people that are for this just out of some sorta convenience. I prefer it just because I know every swipe and insert of my card puts me at more likelihood of being scammed.

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A lot of people are confused when I say I am pro crypto currency.

I am pro crypto currency and I think we should all be. The purpose of crypto was to give power to the people, to create decentralized digital currency to escape from banking and government control.

The banks and gov wants to subvert crypto for their evil agendas to enslave you to a cashless society.

I get that. Bitcoin wasn’t controlled by central banks so it actually has more integrity as a currency than say the dollar.

But of course eliminating physical cash entirely won’t end well. Regardless, the currency needs to be backed by something.

I generally agree with crypto currency, but you really have to be careful… not to invest into scams like Bitconnect was, though that one was pretty obvious from the start…