No more suffering soon

Listen, I don’t want to die, a very painful death, I also fear that because of my obsession with sex I won’t have a good afterlife. But really, what do I have to lose. let’s say the virus doesn’t kill me, and it just blows over in a few weeks. Well, it’s going to take so much work, pain, humiliation, and effort for a possible sperg/mentalcel / 0 self esteemcel like me to fit in, that is just fitting in. If I wanted to get laid or get a relationship I would have to spend at least 2 years restoring my health, spending time working out and on supplememts. For what? What the fuck is the point of squeezing an orange with all your might and getting a nanoparticles sized drop?

I mean I may get a relationship, or laid, but deep down you know it’s a shallow relationship and if she finds a better option she will go for it. So relationsh ips are like trying to plug ■■■■■ in a sinking boat. Jobs are horrible, degradimg, and would need lots of delusional ideas to ■■■■ with that environment. How can I just go back to society knowing they pretty much couldn’t care if poorcels like me and @zero_sum live or die or stay isolated? Being a poorcel makes you see an even sicker society behind the curtain. Knowing all !middle class and above people genuinely think you’re a subhuman.

So I just don’t see the point here. Not saying I want the virus, but I’m melancholic. All I know is that humanity is very, very classist/distinctualist/primal right now. Well always was. I hope God would forgive an outcast and reject for hating his creation and humanity.

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You should male lesbian max.

jfc dude can you not be a pervert for like 5 minutes

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Everyone has sexual fantasies and/or kinks…I’m sure you have some too…

No one wants to die a virgin but I get what you mean.

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I was replying to dva

Im the opposite of a pervert. Cis males think its okay to be ugly which is a perversion of health and reality.

Pic of what cis males think is good to be:

They want to keep reincarnating into primitive forms then continuously not understand why it causes societies to be full of incels.

He keeps posting subjectivist arguments and wants to believe the beauty isn’t objective.