New to the community

I’m 22, Trans and new to the Incel community.

Would really appreciate a guide/brief of what is and isn’t okay and what i should know, not just in this forum but everywhere.

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rules are here

What do you mean outside the forums?

Thanks for the link.

What I mean is, the real world, or social media, what should I expect from others? How hard is it to navigate the world being an Incel?

Also this describes where we came from

Feel free to invite friends if you enjoy the place, the forum just started yesterday, although our sister site has been up for 2 years.

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Oh, I cant speak for trans folks who are also incel, but I guess it depends on whether you self-identify or not

If you are an incel, would you not know?

Michael being paranoid as always

I’m very new to Self Identifying as an Incel, I’ve only just accepted that being trans has made me unable to get a girlfriend or a hookup as i thought i was just “having a dry spell” but that isnt the case anymore.

Yeah that tends to happen with females who transition and realize being male isn’t all sunshine and roses. Not by a long stretch.