New theme activated

Was not a huge fan of dark themes to begin with.
And another user was complaining about not having a light theme.

So this light theme is now the default and you can switch back to the old dark version using the switch on the header. You can also pick default themes in your account settings, where there are a few more options.

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Me likey lighty themey

Now I don’t look like a degenerate using this site

hmmm, it looks good.
I prefer the dark theme personally, but eh.
still, it looks decent.

You can set the default theme in
Preferences --> Interface --> themes
If you want to always see the same theme, forever and ever

The old one is called “gamer theme”
There are like 7 other themes in there too (graceful, fancy, default discourse, etc)

right right, I know. I had the grey theme before and currently like the Cyberpunk theme.
thanks for the upgrades, it’s nice to change it up once in a while :slightly_smiling_face:

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