New site name poll

So I’m going to be moving the site name soon. A lot of people seem to be confused by the edgy name but rather vanilla rules. So I’m going to move to a more appropriate name.

Open to suggestion on the name, which will not include the word ‘incel’ or ‘love’.

I like the name ‘absolutebeginners’ but it seems those domains are taken.

We will also be moving to Xenforo this year as Discourse is too confusing for some people.

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Are you sure? Any layout will confuse some people. Discourse seems fine.

well the new site name is the thing i will defintely do, xenforo is dependent on income

i don’t like the infinite scrolling in discourse and many people have told me they won’t use the site because it is discourse. discourse if the best free option tho

Both Discourse and Xenforo are fine to me. I’m surprised not everyone is happy with Discourse though.

Now, it’s not clear to me why you’re dropping the term “incel” from the name of your forum. It seems totally appropriate considering what’s discussed here.

Over a dozen people have expressed this to me unfortunately.

It’ll just be dropped from the URL. Partly because I want to sort of start off where incelsupport left off in 2013, with their site

But would something about incel in the title be better for SEO or whatever it’s called. It might be irrelevant I don’t actually know what I’m talking about when it comes to technology.

SEO doesn’t seem to matter much. People only join from references, not from google clicks.

Here would be my title and name for a forum like this.

“All women are ultimately ■■■■■■, here let me tell you why.”

I know, you probably wouldn’t pick my title for a website registry. I thought that I would share that all the same.


That’s not a URL lol that’s a sentence

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Well, I would make my URL resemble that somehow.

netcels? inclusivecels? diversecels? I cant really think of anything fitting without using the cel part.


You have the blue cuckists, the purple idealists, the red denialists, and the black realists.

There’s also the white pilled in theory, but that’s just blue with extra steps.

Sounds like a pill cocktail

rainbowpill dot net then


Considered it but it sounded too gay.

LGBTQ+ ruined the rainbow.

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Uh you’re right, I usually forget gays exist.

Hypergamy is real would be a cool URL.

Then there is sexual capitalism also. New generation incels? Idk new generation sounds weird tbh

i dont see anything wrong with the name.

incels the next generation