New rules 02/06/2019

Additional things now banned on the forum:

  • homophobia/transphobia, including the word f aggot
  • any reference to c ucks or s oyboy or n umale or any other anti-male words. We’re just outright banning the words or equivalents to make it so no one can evade this rule. This extends to memes or videos posted in this forum.
  • More than 2-3 threads about the same topic from the same author in 1 day are not allowed. Spamming the board with a particular topic to push an agenda unrelated to inceldom is also not allowed.

3 warnings and that’s it

If you don’t like and want to leave that is absolutely fine, I don’t make a profit off this forum. We used to allow politically incorrect speech, but when it’s toxic, it really deserves no place in a support forum.

Contrary to what others in the forum have expressed, I give 0 fucks about post frequency and member count. This forum could have 1 post per month, and if it is quality I would be happy. We are one of only 3 incel forums, so people know we exist.

Well what can I do here that I can’t do other places, what’s the point of this forum?

This forum is supposed to be a place less toxic than other incel boards but outside of Reddit, and public unlike Facebook groups and
We value non-violent political action, people improving their lives etc. Part of that political action is having this board be public. Unlike boards such as you are allowed to criticize women as a group or men as a group for certain social phenomena. Also, unlike traditional mental health forums, we do not see inceldom or social anxiety as primarily caused by individual personal failures, although of course one should work to better oneself if one is able to, preferable through non-psychiatric means: socialization, healthy food, lots of sleep, positivity, exercise, etc

I have met gays in real life, and they have used the word f. a. g.

I am not sure this is a good idea. I think it is acceptable to ban the word s. o. y. as an insult, but the word c. u. c. k. is not a homophobic word.

the word c uck and any other currently censored words are now banned, as well as in embedded memes or videos

Idk I don’t approve of this. That word has a deep meaning I don’t view it as a phobic word. I don’t want this site to turn into some kind of leftist facebook thing where SJWs ban every word they don’t like.

I don’t like living in fear and anxiety afraid to speak the facts of life.


the 80/20 rule was invented by an insane social darwinist (source) (Pareto) and was repeated ad naseum by jordan peterson. neither gave much reasoning other than correlation

the inequality seen on dating sites seems to exceed 80/20 nowadays regardless

I don’t think the exact 80/20 rule is accurate, numbers wise. I think the idea in general is accurate, that most males never get access to women with genuine sexual interest, and that most women are pursuing the elite males of society.

solutions to inceldom are many

including changing culture, starting legal cults, advocating increased welfare for childbirth, legalizing prostitution and rate limiting it etc


  • Tax breaks for unemployed and single men, enabling them to accumulate more money and thus increase SMV,
  • Advocating increasing of female demand of biomale-sex-as-commodity
    • reducing sexual dimorphism
    • socially engineered incelophilia
    • sex change operations for incels
    • promoting economic growth (making men more attractive to women)
    • promoting economic/social security
    • subordinating all women (making all men more attractive to women due to hypergamy, women’s preference to date up)

I mean I don’t see how changing culture will change anything. For example take italian mafia culture and expand that to innercity youth gang culture, the only difference is the clothes, accents, mannerisms are different, but the same biological action is there, which is males forming gangs/tribes and competing against other males for access to resources to increase chance of reproduction, with different alphas leading their respective gang/tribe.

I don’t think cults would be good for most incels, in fact cults always end up in one male having a harem of females. Like the kibbutz in Israel I heard that only one male would have sex with all these women and the other males in the society had to watch this.

This really only benefits women, don’t see how it benefits male incels.

I think prostitution would definitely take away some of the depression for a temporary while, but I think most incels are really dissapointed in the real reality of nature, where only a very small % of alpha males are actually sexually desired by women, mainly based off their looks. Because your looks are apart of you, its more intimate. Where as a guy who gets sex from women with money is more fake, not as intimate or close.

or communes

reduces selection based on money

Also see my other proposals I posted when I gave it more thought