New member looking to connect with new people

I’m not using my real name here, but I feel Frank Grimes is a good as a name gets, so hi I’m Frank.

I’m new to the community, have had a varied dating experience and am keen to meet other people in the Incel community. I’ve never connected with other Incels and would like to get to know and understand others experiences, thoughts and feelings. See how they compare to my own. And see how we think we got to where we are today.

Don’t want to make my first post too long so I’ll leave it there for now!

Look forward to meeting some of you.

Best wishes.

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Welcome Frank, glad to have you. thank you for choosing incelistan for your incel socialization. :+1:


welcome Frank!


welcome, we can always use more outside advice

How much do you weigh

Welcome Frank! Me and some others are totally up to listening if you wanna talk about anything or share experiences. Im not an incel myself but i consider myself an ally. Hope all is well!

Welcome Frank! I do not identify as incel but am a simple virgin who has had a relatively dismal experience with getting dates both irl and on dating apps. I am not sure how we as a society got to this point and can’t pinpoint any one cause, but I also like to support incels and hear their experiences. I am glad you are here with us! This is a very real problem which isn’t being acknowledged by the mainstream. Incels need a place to be heard out as it becomes more and more difficult to get dates as time goes on.

I’m lazy atm but if there’s any one thing I can point you to, it is Cultural Marxism.

I’m not an incel but welcome

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