New Forum Features - Sigs, Mic Uploads, BBcode etc

Put some new forum features in that were in demand.

Signatures now can be set in the profile tab of your user preferences. You can also turn off seeing signatures in your preferences tab. If you are a new member, you may need to manually turn on sigs if you wish to view the sigs of other members. Please keep signatures small. They can only be seen once logged in.
To achieve my signature I used the [center] and [img] tags, with a link to a GIF.

Mic Uploads is an experimental feature made to help out a disabled forum member, however anyone can use it. To upload a voice clip, click the empty space in between the happy face and the cog wheel in your post writing prompt. It will then prompt you to start recording, and its obvious from there.

BBcodes is something @MrThermo requested. Vbulletins BBcode tags were incorporated into incelistan. which includes:

emoticon reactions
To make the forum a bit more like the facebook group, there is now an array of emoji reactions to choose from to react to a post. If users find this feature annoying, I can turn it off.

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