New Documentary on Incels, Dating Apps, and Modern Gender Relations

Haven’t watched it yet, but heard it was good.

May the ■■■■■■■■■ flourish.

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One of the best documentaries on inceldom I’ve seen so far.

I liked the segment with that woman Angela Nagle, where she says that the factors contributing to inceldom, nobody can talk about them in polite society. That’s definitely true. We’re in this world very focused on identity politics and gender, but because men are the supposed ‘privileged’ class, incels and the effects of online dating on society are something that nobody can talk about. Men’s issues, in general, nobody can talk about. (Academia is the worst-literally everything is a feminist issue).

I liked how much data it has, but in between all the studies and data, there are personal stories too.

It manages to be both sad and light-hearted at times (dogpill part is hilarious-love the montage of photos).

I enjoyed it a lot. Definitely learned a few things. I didn’t realize men outnumbered women so greatly. The gender discrepancy in online dating is also a lot higher than I would have expected.


you can’t make me watch that autism

skimmed it for 30 seconds, it looks awful

One thing they did was take that video I deleted from my channel I deleted and stretched it throughout the whole doc
I deleted it because it was ultimately unhelpful and was making the incels dot co people think they were academic or some dumb shit like that.

The only reason that “academic” video existed was because the BBC people wanted professionals to interview and so I made that vid to signal to them that there was at least some professional support of incels, but I regret ever pushing that whole bunk ‘sexual-revolution caused incels and only monogamy can fix it’ narrative. It’s a good story, but the first part is outright false, and the last part doesn’t even make sense logically.

From watching it, the point appears to be that the breakdown of monogamy was more like a slow rot to society, but dating apps are what really fanned the flames of deterioration.

There is absolutely no doubt that dating apps and social media in general is the cause of the noticeably more rapid increase in inceldom since the 2000s.

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i don’t know why so many incels ignore the financial crisis, which occurred right when that incel spike happened. like millennials could afford to leave the apps on their phones if McConnell didn’t assrape Obama (who was already too austere) for 8 years

like right now Trump is going to spend what like 6 trillion with McConnells approval this year?

McConnell and company were whining about 600 billion in 2008, back when millennials were tryna get jobs and the economy was in freefall

Didn’t the economy supposedly “improve” to some extent after 2008? Yet the bulk of the increase in permavirgins is in the latter half of the time between 2008 and 2018.

Even if this economy somehow improved, I have absolutely no faith at all that such a change alone will result in females improving their behavior. There’s more to society than the economy, as important as it is. The economy is bad, but the culture is fucked.

There should have never been a negative alteration to most people’s day to day lives in general from the housing market crash. Not in 2007, not in 2008, not in 2009.

The subsequent stock market crash created an 18 month financial recession that lasted until the end of 2009. There is no stock market crash that a large enough fiscal adjustment can’t stop it from bleeding into real people’s lives in a negative way. The Emergency Economic Stabilization act of Oct 2008 was the first fiscal adjustment to a crisis that arguably started over a year earlier. And it happened so late almost exclusively because of Republicans and was underfunded by hundreds of billions almost exclusively because of Republicans and moderate democrats.

The Emergency Economic Stabilization act of Oct 2008 was only 700 billion, with neverending moaning from Paul Ryan, McConnel, Zerohedge, Tea Party, all crying “HYPERINFLATION, OBAMA PHONES, HYPERINFLATION, OBAMAPHONES”. Trump is doing TRILLIONS of spending this year, and not a peep for those same maggots.

this is relevant because people can’t date if they can’t afford to leave their homes, if they don’t have jobs, if they are told there are no jos, if they don’t have privacy, if jobs are treated like some golden goose, if millennials are told they have to beg on their knees for jobs, spending years in school just for the opportunity to beg, like they were the entire Obama and Trump administration. A good economy is when employers beg for employees, not the other way around.

That people coop themselves up in dating apps is more of a reflection of the total failure of the government doing its job, which is provisioning failure of the private sector, than it is some vague and dubious narrative about degeneracy and feminism.

Not only lefties are saying this, Tucker Carlson on Fox News is saying the exact same thing.

Well Tucker Carlson is actually who I first heard the “sexless males have tripled in the past decade” statistic from. Link to his claim on dating apps?

Women don’t want men who sit at home all day and can’t afford to leave their house. The economy improving would fix that. That or state enforced rape, which is not something I propose.

I’m pretty sure guys who have the same real (not nominal) wages as in say 2005 are still having a harder time in 2020.

I was referencing his talk on free market economics and decline in interest in childrearing

“But increasingly, marriage is a luxury only the affluent in America can afford.” --tucker carlson

Females in their late teens and early 20s aren’t looking for marriage.

Yet their male counterparts are the ones having the most trouble of all getting any female attention what-so-ever.

why would these ebil feminist SJWs want to get married in New York and San Fran and DC and surrounding areas if they are told they have to beg on their knees for a job that will cover half their rent if they’re lucky?

I mean, sure, not going to lie. It’s shit and it’s why I refused to give up being a full-time student until it meant no longer being a min wageslave. Now I can technically make over triple what the min wagies get on the hour. Even then, rent costs suck ass. Living with parents is the new meta and all that.

Females being intolerant of extended families is a cultural issue though.

What do you do?

It’s like if we have more houses than homeless people, but criticize women for wanting them occupied, I don’t get that. The people who own those houses deserve more criticism than thw women who want them.

Right now, jack shit due to COVID and summer.

But teaching makes about that much in Canada. Worst case scenario, you’re looking at $40/Canadian per hour for Supply Teaching, at least where I live right here. For that they’ll actually even take people with only a Bachelor’s Degree, and ANY kind (I have a Bachelor’s Degree and a Professional Degree).