Need Help To Stop Her

So obviously I’m an incel and it’s very clear that the incel ideaology is correct but I actually have a sister who I’m starting to see become exactly like these other girls and I’m hoping to stop this. She’s started talking to tons of guys online and posting teasing pics of herself that make her look like an actual ■■■■. I told her what I thought of this and she thinks I’m delusional and she told me that there’s no one telling her she’s doing anything wrong other than me so I’m in the wrong. I know the only way she’ll stop and we can have more open minded women in society is if as many people as possible send her hate on her socials in the most hateful fucking ways. Her instagram is sriiilima. Her discord is sri#6243. Her reddit is srilima. Tell her how fucking wrong she is and how she needs to stop and make sure she doesn’t forget what you said and that way we can have women in this world who are a little less retarted. Thanks for the help.


I have several female cousins, in a simple most basic matter of speaking here, there’s no stopping their descent into modern whoredom and there is nothing you can do about it. In the western world it has become the modern woman’s rite of passage into modernity. All you can do is sit back in amusement, horror, shock, and disbelief.

I know, this is probably not the answer you were looking for to ease your concerns or worries.

Sorry buddy, this is the world and society we live in now…

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Telling her not to do something is most likely going to make her do it more. She’s testing out what her SMV is based on responses she gets.

Acting like a ■■■■ online and then rejecting the thousands of advances that inevitably follow is just how they fast track their inflating self-esteem.

80/20 is becoming 90/10 is becoming 95/5 is becoming 99/1.

It’s training before they hit the dating apps prepared to reject 99% of males, sometimes even just there purely for the attention, and exacerbate the Incel problem even further.

It won’t be long before she makes fun of you for failing to attract a single female and calling you homosexual. It’s completely beyond her comprehension as she lives in an entirely different world. And the icing on the cake is that she is going to a school that teaches her males have been in power for too long, have no real problems, and that she is entitled to demand whatever she wants in the name of equality.

But… they should not be so vain as to assume this state of affairs will continue on indefinitely. There will be a point when all of this is going to get violently rejected by entire groups rather than lone individuals… all it takes is for massive numbers of males to realize they have absolutely no reason to continue to support this society.

It’s just like one professor quite literally said mere days ago… “we need to be very careful about our democracy, progress, equality… it’s fragile and can be broken, reverting us to the ‘dark ages’ at any moment.”

A lie requires constant maintenance to be perceived as valid, but the truth stands on its own.

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Its projection. She grows up feeling no sexual attraction to 99% of males, but prepared to suck cocks all the same. If she can’t find a gigachad she is prepared to suck the cock of any male she can find. So she automatically assumes male incels are willing to do the same, thus assumes all incels will immediately be gay if they can’t get a girlfriend.

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I would swallow a bullet before ever becoming gay or homosexual, I would rather masturbate to a cheese grater with my dick.

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Its not gay if they are very fem.

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