My podcast discussing the Racepill with Stormlit Aqua

Check it guys!

I’d talk on one of these things some time, fuck it (not showing myself though).

I watched a few bits and pieces there, JBW is BS. I think the only “JB” that really works is JBF.

If anything, as Storm said, female perception of non-whites is more likely to be positive because females are heavily influenced by the media.

James spends an awful lot of time around people drastically less good looking than him

What nonsense are you on about? How are women anymore affected by media than men? If you believe one gender is affected by it, I’m sure I could point someone else out that is of yours. Have a day off.

Who do you mean? And how do you know this?

Women as a group trust mainstream media as a higher percentage of their population when compared to men as a group. Ever heard the “women go along to get along”?

It is speaking in terms of averages.

Where are you getting these “facts” from?

You can do one with Will on his channel. Been a while since he did a good interview it’d be great

I think there was some study done that showed women were more succeptable to outside influence, media influence, etc.

I’d need to see this before i believe it

Read this

Women are more likely to go with the herd so to speak, men are more likely to think for themselves - their motive being to improve their own status/power and hence better attract women.

As with most things being incel and not being incel again lies at the core, a universal truth ppl still don’t know/admit

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Says it’s not available

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I took it down, not only was it depressingly blackpilling it also contained alot of racism etc.

If you’re really interested in hearing it I could upload it elsewhere, maybe dailymotion or bitchute

Up to you

basically it’s like StormlitAqua, some incel from Ohio, USA, rambling on about how jbw is bullshit and how black and ethnic guys are getting the women

probably not worth re-upping

I thought ethnic guys struggled getting women?

JBW is bull shit.

so did many of us

I think it’s overhyped, tbh I think nowadays all racepill is kinda overhyped.

There’s good arguments for JBW sure, but tbh there’s also kinda good arguments for ethnics and other races doing better also.

So yeah these days I don’t put much into racepill

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