My Kaley Cuoco calendar September picture has her wearing shades

nice companion she has been throughout 2020

I reckon even I’ll go for her again for next year

i refuse to idolize celebrities unless they explicitly state they are willing to date poor income males. Does Kaley have a stance on the matter?

(a lot of celebrities consider millionaires to be low income males and unworthy of being married.)


Edit: Damn. Censored.

she was forced to hang out with a bunch of beta nerds on Big Bang Theory, which she did a sterling job doing so. Give her a pass bro

I know what ya called me… Luckily Will is on the case to protect me from all your negativity!

Why does everyone on here misgender me constantly.

And sorry for not knowing who the fuck this Kaley person is.

Restart didn’t call you a kuck either he said c0pe.