My Introduction

Well, I am an Incel, broadly speaking. I guess if I had to be more specific, a mentalcel.

I’m 26 years old, straight, never had a girlfriend. My stats are 6’1" height, 195lbs, blue eyes, Caucasian, dark brown hair. I’m from Canada.

I am on the high functioning end of Autism Spectrum Disorder. I was told about this website from, which I had joined when I was only 17. I was aware of Dr. Gilmartin’s “Love-Shyness” as early as 15 years old. Back then, my primary concern was being severely shy around girls (I still am, but it’s not as bad). Today I am more isolated and don’t have the same opportunities to meet anyone. Furthermore, my attitude has become increasingly negative with regard to DSR, even though some part of me continues to cling to romanticism.

I have a medium-to-high sex drive, but even from my early-mid teens, I had far more “innocent” and romantic fantasies about someone I knew irl than sexual ones.

I only dated a few times, between 23 and 26. Prior to 23, I was never even touched or kissed. But even now, I have never established a relationship and I am still a virgin. I had some online relationships that got fairly intimate as well, but I was always abandoned in the end. I feel drained from investing time and energy for nothing.

I generally suffer in silence from anxiety and depression, and continue to struggle between wanting to experience a truly loving connection and being realistic about the possibility of such a thing ever occurring.


hello Restart80, welcome to incelistan :slightly_smiling_face:


You need to workout

welcome boyo