My first Video! My analysis of incels

Let me know your feedback! I’m working on a larger book version.


You have such a lovely voice and if that is you in your YouTube avatar picture you’re pretty cute as well. I’ve always wondered what your face looks like where I’m not disappointed. I have lots of homework tonight so I probably won’t be able to reply to your video overall but I’ll make an attempt tomorrow.

I can’t stress enough the socio economic factors that cause men to become male incels as mental health, human biological psychology, or physical appearances is only half of the overall factor. Then there are various cultural factors as well along with toxic radical feminism added to the mix.

Still, I like your attempt with your first video here as it is clear that your heart is in the right place however I would also warn you to not expect any wide ranging positive audience either since culturally for the most part men’s lives are deemed entirely disposable where it is downright socially acceptable concerning the public at large. It is practically ingrained within our current cultures. So long as there is a sort of cultural permissiveness of male disposability culturally nothing will ever change.


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Hahaha thank you! :slight_smile: towards the end though I like forgot how to speak but it’s too long to re record again so that will just have to do.

I like your video, but I still don’t see how some of the ideas you had will help incels.

Increased access to education for incels- Will help people get a job, but not sure this will help incels get a woman. I mean firstly, most incels object to the idea that we need to get a degree and make money before we have a woman into us because this implies a more transactional relationship. How come some guys need to careermaxx/universitymaxx for 4-6 years and go sexless and touch starved, while a 6’4 white guy can work as a janitor and have hundreds if not thousands of women begging to be in a relationship with him or a friend with benefits?

Dating sites for incels- Again, sadly dating sites just don’t work because theres always going to be way more men than women, and women usually only gravitate towards 5% of the male population in any niche/app/space. For example some guy here was in a documentary, and he had at least 5 women basically begging to be his bf, this just doesn’t happen for most men because women really in general find small % of men attractive.

Housing- Will help incels in some ways I guess, it would take the edge off but lonelyness is such a crippling thing that I doubt it would make most incels happy.

Decriminalize sex work/ decriminalize buying sex work- This seems like a good idea until you realize once you decrimininalize it, large swathes of men will be able to access SW’s, and thus demand for them will increase exponentially , thus SW’s will be over burdened by a flooded market and will choose the best of the best, many SW’s already have certain rules of no indian or black men, and also many incels wont be happy knowing the girl is unhappy with him because of his uglyness while he hears how she gave chad a free deal of wild sex.

Sadly making things equal for people rarely tends to work out. Think of how now since every one has a high school diploma, its basically useless. Even as more people get access to college education, its becoming more and more useless like a HS diploma. This is because of supply and demand, the more in demand a thing is, the more its value is raised. When you have every one get a college degree, theres no more demand for the degree so it becomes useless. When every one has a toothbrush, and toilet paper, its not worth much, when no one has a toothbrush or toilet paper (like in venezuela) its worth everything, supply and demand.

One big example of supply and demand affecting the healthcare market, is I pointed out doctors are in high demand, but low supply, so they essentially make healthcare expensive by default, and most people just can’t access it. Even if you make healthcare ‘‘free’’ and government run, most masses of people will in general just get no access to care, except for in emergency situations. Many people in socialized medicine nations have to fly to america for treatment because of large waiting lists. Think also of government housing, usually has impossibly long waiting lists.

You make incels more equal to normies, the majority of incels will lose out, just like having a high school diploma means nothing, because its not in high demand since every one has it.

One of the biggest black pills that hit me was the majority of men in history died as virgins, or were escortcels basically. Only the top 20% of men got married. Its literally always been like this, and will always be like this.

BTW- I want to be refuted, by any one. I desperately wish the world the way I see it wasn’t true. Who wants to believe life is nothing more than a very hard struggle for resources and survival? But I see the evidence of this everywhere.

reddit is pretty much the only easy way to grow an audience on youtube


  1. sound drunk
  2. sound low IQ
  3. make random claims
  4. read off a script that wasn’t needed
  5. put a single low quality image up

Yeah meanwhile for females, University is just one big party where most of them can escape from parents and slutt it up. Then take me, just having to slog through and keep getting A’s in everything (or else I am even less than worthless rather than just worthless), while being depressed, alone, and sexless for years on end. Remaining with parents because moving out would not accomplish anything but cripple myself even further in terms of finances (fortunately able to graduate debt free from a combination of scholarships and family paying off the rest).

Used to think nothing of going to school and aiming for a good career until I realized just how worthless and undesirable I am without one, as this was clearly demonstrated to me in my years of schooling. The problem ultimately lies in the fact that it is socially acceptable for females to monkey branch off one male to the other. What that means is they can be opportunistic and simply be with whatever male at whatever time it is most convenient for them. Blue collar Chads while in University and young, then White collar betabuxxers when they graduate. Then to add insult to injury, they whine about male privilege when in reality they are the ones that have all the choice, control, and power over their lives. This is why Incels hate wh0res.

Sure maybe there could have been a few cases of IOIs, being Autistic makes that hard to tell. But at most that’s all females do, and if you miss an IOI then they don’t care about you because there’s 50 other eligible guys at any one point in time anyway of which over 80% would be receptive.

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  1. I wasn’t drunk
  2. How does one sound low IQ?
  3. I did research
  4. So? It’s a lot of content to remember
  5. So? I don’t know how images work

Thank you your feedback was supper helpful for not improving the content in the future because you only gave feedback on me and not the actual content so …maybe don’t call others low IQ…

I’ll check it out. I didn’t really like reddit though

her voice sounds high iq tbh

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Well, I think there are different reasons that may lead to one being incel. I see truth in LMS but also alot of other things too. I think alot of dating is really dependant on what your offering and what the women wants in a mate. Something that I realised is that not all women want the same things and have different priorities of the attributes they want.

As for education and a job I can personally speak to this as being a very high priority on my list if not the first thing that I look for. It may seem transactional but something thats important to me is traveling and seeing other cultures which is very expensive. I’m not expecting anyone else to pay for these trips but it would be nice to have a partner that can afford to bring themselves on the trip because I would prefer to travel with a SO. As for the janitor example its likely they have something else that someone else is looking for. Some women may just be looking for someone who looks good. Looks have very little to do with my selection which I feel is where your going with this.

I think there are 3 clear categories that women are attracted to being:

  1. a guy who has there life together
    -there own place
    Dark triad
    -doesnt have there life together and may be in and out of jail but has an edgey bad boy effect
    I dont know much about this category tbh but I think women may find it spontaneous or interesting or the saviour complex may apply too.

So I think help with financial need, education, housing and resources can help guys get established which can help with attracting women.

I dont think legalising sex work would flood the market. Its like drugs. Just because its legal doesnt mean more people are going to say hmmmm I’m going to get high tonight. No more people arent going to start using them.

I agree true equality can never really exist. Its like when people talk about how men should make more money because women want men with money but then if men got paid more lesbains would be at a disadvantage and gays would be more advantage. For every thing theres always a counter affect.

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We’ve already established here that gaycel is a meme much in the same way that femcel is a meme, so no, not really. You can’t worsen a problem that never existed in the first place. With the exception of extremely rare circumstances, Incel is strictly experienced by heterosexual males, and to downplay this in any way is always going to be perceived as justifiably offensive.

But yes, there are consequences to giving people freedoms or other rights and privileges. These consequences need to be thoroughly analyzed from all angles before being applied, which is in stark contrast to the clusterfuck of change we’ve endured over the past 50 years.

Naturally this occurs because the female possesses inherent value and the male does not simply because of what she was born with. Hence unequal and unjust by the standards of the very people that claim to hate Incels or those with “privilege.”

This one sentence is indicative enough that male privilege is a fucking joke of an idea. By removing the political and economic leverage that males had as a group, the majority have had their chances of escaping inceldom destroyed. They are now not only a sexual, but also political and economical underclass at the mercy of those they were foolish enough to permit ascendance. And all those with low IQ can say is that men are just “afraid of strong, independent females.” Well if that means an inevitable lifetime of celibacy, of course they would be.

I wasn’t really talking about gays as being a cel. Just stating that equality will never really truly exist because there’s always going to be an imbalance of some sort.

In terms of dating and sex yes females are privileged because they are more selective and will wait until they find someone. I think it’s because female have a larger list of things they want. I think men have a smaller list of things.

Too few people are willing to admit this, which leads to ridiculous statements like, “wow I am so shocked you’ve been alone for your entire life”, “it isn’t THAT hard and you will find someone eventually” (like what when our 20s are over?), or when a female boasts about how she’s had relationships (not an accomplishment) while others (males) haven’t, and yes I have seen that happen.

Nothing about that should be surprising, and it is self-evident. People just don’t want to bring it into mainstream discourse because anything that challenges the dominant narrative of privileged males makes NPCs uncomfortable.

When I say vagina, you say male ATM machine…

Vagina, male ATM machine!

Vaginas only accept cash, credit, and debit cards!

I call a spade a fucking spade when I see one, zero fucks given!
[We should just refer to female vaginas as $$hypergamist vaginal monetary biological dispensaries$$.]


I’ll be the first to admit dating is hard and it’s sucks. It doesn’t surprise me tbh.


a woman making a video about something that was made years years ago. Why doesnt it surprise me?

Femcel dont exist btw

I didn’t mention anything about femcel