My encounters with women as of late

Two weeks ago I was studying for an exam at college in the library when this nice petite blonde Irish girl came to sit at the table with me.

She asked me if I was reserving the table for anybody and I said no.

For the first thirty minutes there was a sort of awkward silence with her typing on her computer and me typing away on mine.

I then decided to break the ice and asked her what she was going to school for, she said that she was going to school learning to be a Chinese Mandarin language teacher. I naturally tried to brag about my interest in foreign linguistics and she asked me how old I was. I said that I was thirty three and she replied how I look much younger than my actual age which I get frequently from people everywhere which is a nice ego booster for me.

She asked me how old I thought she was and I guessed eighteen only being off by about a year as in reality she was nineteen.

She then asked me if I was involved in any college clubs or activities, I of course said no because I don’t have any time for that where even if I did I wouldn’t be interested in them anyways. She then asked me what I like doing for fun and I replied that I like reading various forms of different philosophies where I even joked about being a philosophical neckbeard for fun. It was at that moment she left the table after an awkward silence and she turned around looking at me before walking away saying that perhaps she’ll see me around campus later on.

The moment she walked away from the library table I knew in the back of my mind that we would never speak to each other again and that her last parting words to me were absolutely meaningless, why even bother in saying them at all? Afterwards I just grinned and went back to my studying.


One week ago I was on a cigarette break at work and there was this lovely redhead that I’ve been crushing on for a week now, she’s the new girl on site. While on my smoke break she was on her smoke break as well. I said hello and good evening trying to be friendly towards her. She immediately started to complain how she had to walk two miles to work in twenty five degree winter and I felt sorry for her. We both joked about how horrible the United States economy is and how locally there really is no reliable source of employment where just surviving anymore is extremely difficult.

I thought I had a connection with this twenty something year old redhead and perhaps a common struggle that we both share where in mental flights of fancy I thought that I might have the opportunity to build upon between us. Hours passed at work and that particular winter night it was a negative eighteen degrees outside.

With the beautiful redhead in mind with freckles and glasses I thought to myself what better opportunity in trying to get to know her by offering her a ride home at the end of our shift. I then proceeded to ask her if she needed a ride home seeing my opening opportunity by doing a good deed in the process as such weather nobody should have to walk around in.

She told me that she would think about it where she might have a ride with somebody else.

The end of the shift came and she didn’t respond at all to my offer, finally after growing impatient I asked her about what we discussed earlier as she was clocking out and she just responded with a tee-hee talking about how she got a ride with somebody else.

Really though, I know what it was all about, I’m just that older poor single bachelor guy, the kind of guy you don’t get in a vehicle with because Hollywood or popular culture has portrayed us all as being entirely villainous. We’re either potential rapists or secret mass murderers and we’re the type of guys mothers everywhere tell their daughters simply to avoid altogether.

I just assumed she would of rather walked home that night in the frigid cold than to get in a car with me. I was pretty sad, depressed, and feeling lonely that night. I just want a woman to be interested in me for who I am not appearances of money, occupation, public status, or the old clothes that I wear. I just for once would like for a woman to take the time and effort in getting to know me for romantic interests because if one did they would see that beyond my rough or humble exterior I’m really not such a horrible guy once you get to really know me on a personal level. I may not have a lot of money where I live in soul crushing poverty on a daily basis but I more than make up for all of that with my personality and mental wits.

At the end of the night and work shift as I drove away home alone as usual I could only think to myself why do I keep trying time after time with women when I already know how every interaction with them always remains the same with that being of utter failure.


My encounters with females irl as of late:

Zero. Casual conversation with them doesn’t take place period.

But yeah, that sounds pretty typical. Especially the part where you talk about philosophy and she just left. I guess you could have mentioned being a movie buff instead? But either way it probably doesn’t matter.

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I mean I could see why you thought the first woman was a normie, sadly most women are normies, and most normies want nothing to do with things that aren’t mainstream, and I really don’t blame them, I think ignorance is truly bliss and who wants to hang out with some one who knows about pointless, and sad topics like history, philosophy, goverment etc. women hearing about stuff like that feel the same way you would if she was talking about make up companies, brands, or some pointless fashion model news. Humans are just so different from each other and most things are just boring, existence in general is boring.

The second girl, seems like you could of maybe gotten a date with her. Just being honest, I don’t think 99% of people in america would take a ride from a stranger unless they were about to die with out a ride. I think the serial killers of the 60s and 70s massively traumatized society to where they just don’t want to take that kind of a risk.

But yeah, I think life in general is boring, and most people aren’t depressives like us, they want lots of stimulating things like loud music, drama, and luxurience.


I think you made a good first impression with the first girl. A casual, informal conversation. Your joke may not have been the best one but that’s okay, you can certainly talk to her again when you meet and she’s going to be friendly.

The second girl was very promising at first but you went too fast by offering her a ride. Getting into your car requires a non-trivial level of trust. Things got worse when you insisted a second time because she most likely thought you were desperate to give her a ride instead of being a casual invitation. Perhaps you can save your connection with her when you meet again as long as you don’t go too fast.

Now, let me give you congratulations for talking to girls irl. This is something I can only do when I’m heavily drunk.

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I can talk to women or females IRL, it’s just that it never goes anywhere. It never develops into much of anything.

I envy you my friend.

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I thought you had a past relationship though? How did that work then? Surely that means you can talk to females in real life.

Conversations for me with women never last beyond fifteen minutes and I usually never hear from them again. If I can have a conversation with a woman beyond fifteen minutes IRL I’m usually pretty impressed, doesn’t happen though.

same, it never seems to do anything even if they say I’m “nice” or if I can make them laugh or whatever. theres just a wall on non-interest.

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We started talking via Facebook and met irl afterwards. This made things easier for me.

I’m too shy for this, I usually avoid interacting with women.

Also, every time I lose the chance to talk to a woman I feel a coward because I know it didn’t happened due to my shyness and lack of confidence.

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Women have no sexual interest in males unless they are chads or femboys. If you are shy and autistic when talking to women, but not a chad or femboy, no woman will have an interest in you. Its a sad fact of 2020 life.

The other thing is, normie women love normies, if you are not a normie, normie women will feel awkward about it.

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Anxiety is a real thing though try not to feel badly about it. Rather try to work on the anxiety itself and the underlying causes of it and the things that your afraid of ect. I could help if you wanted.

Sad but true.


Well I could talk to you for your practice lol that sounds kinda weird but it’s exposure to talking for you I guess. Might help.

where was the approach bruh?

Get those socials and/or digits :facepunch:

Do you mean voice talking? You’d give up in a few minutes, I speak too slowly because I have to remember each word :roll_eyes:

Very rarely do I give up.

more interest than any female showed me in college

women either ignored me or kicked me out of shared spaces

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How did they kick you out?