My diary thread

@tables is it ok if I post just in this thread my diary?

Day 1 - Thursday May 21st

I wake up and work on some personal projects till my body says no. Think about friendships that were broken and friendship I can make. Pretend to like a few people online just so I can use them for my own purposes later.

I go with my Dad to get some food to eat for lunch, because if I stay home for over a week, I get stir crazy. He orders some BBQ. I’m not really hungry but I go and buy some lottery tickets and also purchase some canned beets and get a prescription.

I come home and am tired, try to make money, only make $6. Mostly surveys. Not too hard. I lose my debit card so I get a new one.

Fantasize about some tomboy I dated a while ago. I think about his vagina for a bit.

Then I wonder if they hate me and how many men they’ve slept with.

Then I try to go to sleep and it feels like my body is acting weird so I stop that.

Then I eat some more food. I’m trying to lose weight.

I scratch the lottery tickets, didn’t win anything. Think about what it might be like to not be on drugs for a bit.

I then go to bed

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that’s fine :slight_smile: