My Autism NEET Diaries (2019-2020)

It’s day 3 of NEETing now. :innocent:
3rd time dropping out of college due to meltdowns. Gotta hand in some forms at the social welfare office and make some phone calls. Sucks but maybe not too much of a hassle. Disability payments have already kicked in as of yesterday.
Didn’t have a good sleep last night… tossing and turning… having nightmares about cowboy zombies chasing me at an abandoned subway station. I think I was aware I was dreaming so I sort of squeezed my eyes open at will and woke up before they got me.
At least now that I’m on disability benefits I can make up for my sleepless nights by… sleeping in.
No medication has helped much in the past, apart from benzos… but benzos are insanely addictive and hard to withdraw from, so I refuse to take them.
Sometimes money and freedom is the best medicine.
Today I will also finish assembling my 3d printed bipedal robot legs, with all the latest mods… so I can test them this weekend. Nothing can stop me now.


cowboy zombies?..
dreams are interesting.
zombies are usually seen as some sort of hard to avoid danger or dread, in life.
the subway station that was abandoned, maybe that was a symbol of wanting to get out or leave but nobody is around to help, or it could mean nobody was going the same way you feel you’re going in life, or it could mean you feel abandoned in what should be a populated area?
I have no idea why the zombies were cowboys though…

how did your 3D print go?

Sounds like an intense night mare. I can’t really picture zombie cowboys lol but nonetheless that’s some scary shit.