Must be nice

must be nice to actually get messages on social media and facebook.

Been weeks for me.

I hate the human race to my very core

this is what the inbox of the average female looks like
this is what the inbox of the average thot looks like

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I don’t use social media and I don’t even own a cellphone. I frequent internet forums and boards where that’s about it as far as social interaction goes.

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Its probably for the best. It mostly has just been letdown and frustration for me.

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Its waaay more than that these days. No one really uses facebook anymore. But heres how many DM’s a woman gets based off her looks. This is on instagram, snapchat, discord, tinder, okcupid, bumble etc.

Ugly- 1,000-5000 DM’s per month

Average 5000-10,000 DM’s per month

Hot- 10,000- 40,000 DM’s per month

I’ve had a couple of women confirm these numbers for me as well.

This world and life is such unfair bullshit.


I’m not so sure. The only friend requests I get is random guys in Africa. Most of my notifications are junk from sales posts listings from buy sell swap groups and messages are from family chat groups with the occasional friend.

Read my latest thread.

Which one?

What’s your grade in decile scale?

Like how attractive am I? I’d prefer not to answer because I don’t want it to seem as a brag. Im not incel/femcel.

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Okay… But I don’t think anyone here would harass you or something if you said you’re 8/10.

Yeah I noticed that you don’t talk like an incel. heh

Love is here because she is studying us no doubt, probably because she’s writing another big top seller on the subject of incels. Am I right Love?

Kind of. I’m re writing the original paper. And no it’s not going to be a big seller a lot of people don’t agree with my ideas. But I’m not giving up.

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yea it’s not that much

I’ve had fake female accounts before and they don’t get many DMs

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I also prefer advocating rather than studying

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what website and how many dms.

What’s the book and paper on? Curious people or men want to know.

It’s basically about all the negative stereotypes being wrong. Just because a few incels are jerks doesn’t mean all are. I actually believe it’s a maladaptive defence mechanism to be a jerk but I understand it. If your just expecting to be bullied then you may protect yourself by being hostile or defensive from the start. I’ve encountered a lot of this hostility initially and then had great conversations with incels (after they get to know me a bit). I also talk a lot about the effects of bullying, trauma, mental health and especially depression. Solutions, causes, Legalising sex work, similar campaigns they did for women we could do for men too with larger men, skinny men and different shapes, sizes ect in marketing and advertising. A lot more support for incels and what they would/could look like, for example more awareness into effects of rejections and nicer ways to do them. More awareness into mental health and autism it self. A lot of men with autism and mental health have the police called against them just because they have mental health or autism stuff and may may be socially different but are harmless but still have to explain the situation to police when with awareness the whole thing could have been avoided.

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Sounds nice and socially utopian but concerning your gender from my experience females or women in general don’t give a shit about the bottom sixty to seventy percent of men as I’ve said numerously in other threads. For a majority of women such men are entirely disposable within society. The feminists don’t give a shit either.

For women it’s the top thirty or forty percent of Chads on their minds 24/7. Those are the only men or male lives that matters.

Maybe but maybe not. I think a lot of it is not understood. There’s a lot of pieces that play a part imo it’s not just 1 thing it’s more complex than that. There’s things within the education system, government and with both men and women.

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