Much of history is a lie

They teach you myths and lies to keep you down and living in fear, hating each other…

Much of what they teach of history is a lie…

Focus on spiritual enhancement instead.

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“History is written by the victors…”

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True. People only believe the richest and the ones that run the television.

You think about it like this. What do people do when they go home they turn on the tv for a few hours, make dinner go to bed. Their understanding of the world is limited to whatever they watch on TV, or whatever their coworkers happen to talk about at lunch break.

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Consequently it is not truth that matters, but victory.

We may have the truth, but it means nothing so long as our enemy maintains its power to suppress us.

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True story, the movie The Matrix was based off a philosophical book by Jean Baudrillard entitled, Simulacra And Simulation.

Truth matters not especially in the post-truth era of the post modern west.

Everything now revolves around power, money, and influence, truth becomes whatever those with money or power says it is even if it is non-truth being outright lies.

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