Most Americans are still traditionalist on average

It’s why monogamy is promoted so heavily, and

  • Public intellectuals are a mix of various evopsych people

  • There’s no real sex education

  • Churches are more prevalent than community centers

  • Religiosity is on the way up again

  • Constant traditional work is necessary to have your own independent dwelling

  • Sex is still taboo, despite sex being everywhere

  • Most people still believe in free will

  • Prostitution is still outlawed

  • People have to jump through hoops for contraception

Most of our projects push people to think differently about things, with the full knoweldge they are unpopular. If we wanted to be popular we would have kept on all the people in the banned list.

other incel forums might seem heretical, but basically adopt the same feminist line of thinking of “men oppressed women before sex rev, then sex rev liberated women, creating incels and instability which must be rectified with x” etc

They are just heretical feminists, not actually heretical

Both positions are conservative in that both see men as a caretaker role, feminism has no real interest in a meaningful amount of house husbands.

I live in one of the most liberal areas of the USA and none of the things conservatives say are happening are happening. It’s still very conservative.

There are no mass orgies or marxists or antifa or soybo-y househusbands doting on their women, or gender studies people lecturing others.

It’s mainly just government contractors and stuff going to church and Macdonalds.

The only “liberal” people are neoliberals fighting till the death for undemocratic countrol of America, like Trump and the Dems are doing

The dems banned third parties from the ballot, and Trump tried to coup the Dems.

The thing is liberalism can’t really be stopped in WEIRD countries that have an industrial base, it’s just decelerating.

Liberalism is pretty much inevitable with technology and no dictatorship, and a total dictatorship in America is unlikely given Trump is like 90 years old

Partly why nRX people often prefer liberals over conservatives lately, they also see it as inevitable, but falsely understand it as a necessarily eugenic event

Scandi countries still have some hope tho, as far as maintaining a decent society

Despite all the copes from trads, each generation is actually getting more socially progressive, teh ones after gen z will probably be even more based

Trads are gonna be dragging their feet every step of the way, complete with public fits every national election and countless websites

But they can only resist the incoming tide, maybe for 50 years, or 70 years, but it’s a performance art at best

Even though I’ve never voted Dem in my life, I’ll be voting for them the first time ever next time, the entire last admin was the biggest trash fire i’ve ever seen.

That you know of.

What do you mean “maintaining”?

I’m pretty sure Sweden is very feminist, the females are always getting raped by refugees, and all males are blamed for it lmao.

And it’s very common for Scandinavian males to marry prostitutes from 3rd world countries. They make a deal: I bring you to a developed country and give you a comfy life, in exchange you give me sex a few times a week and stay at home most of the time.

Many Brazilian prostitutes do that (the ones who live in tourist areas of course.) Every once in a while one of them share their story on the internet. They have fb groups to share tips about how and where to find these guys.

The same applies to other 3rd world countries as well.

Let me repeat: Males from Scandinavian countries are spending an insane amount of money to marry foreign prostitutes because their own females are totally insufferable. They’ve given up on finding a real partner, they’re hiring “full time prostitutes” instead. Loving and meaningful relationships aren’t a thing anymore in Scandinavian society.

I know that Scandinavia has wonderful social security, strong economy, etc. Those are great things, I know. But their society isn’t decent, it’s totally broken.

Here is a Reddit post of a Brazilian prostitute who married a Norwegian guy:

(it’s in Portuguese of course)

The Norwegian government even paid her an entire language course to make her fluent in Norwegian lmao Can’t get more ■■■■■■ than that (and fuck this stupid word ban)


Females arent attracted to males and view sex as a chore.

Shemales need to replace males in general as well as massive eugenics programs to convert males into hotter looking males such as anime type males.

There are 2 flaws on this, someone made a video explaining that anime males are not possible due to several physical reasons, shemales are superior but have a slight problem of lack of fertility, this can be fixed though unlike the problem of anime males being fundamentally impossible.

I don’t want to hear any of this anti-male bs. You’re a misandrist. You want to destroy men. You think men are to blame. You even hate masculine pronouns!

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Are you talking about this?

Because youre a bigot that lacks empathy and misgenders me with male pronouns and can’t fathom how a trans person would get mad about that.

As for blaming men, of course I blame men. Men run the world, therefore men are responsible for the state of the world. In other ground breaking news, 2+2=4. Quit whining and moaning like some pathetic baby.

If females take over the world, thats a good thing. Your pathetic incel rebellion could never hope to defeat the patriarchy. On the other hand, if the females who rule the world don’t do as I say and reduce the net suffering of the world, then overthrowing them will be as easy as cheese.

As for the rest of that nonsense, nothing more than hyperbole. I don’t want to destroy men at all - a society with only one gender would be boring. I simply want massive large scale eugenics and a world where women actually enjoy having sex. If you had any empathy at all you’d understand this.

lmao this is so bluepilled. A very small group of people runs the world. Most people in this group is male, yes, but claiming that “men rule the world” is absurd. The vast majority of men doesn’t rule anything. We’re just working like animals or fighting wars that we don’t even understand.

lmao it looks like I’m browsing twitter


And your solution for that is destroying our masculinity. I’m deeply disappointed. It’s not us who must be changed, it’s them.