is a made up thing made up by traditional conservatives and it’s dumb and stupid and creates incels.

There was a hot tomboy who had the hots for me and she is cancelling me now because she is dating some fat loser

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I’m sorry to hear that you got canceled on.

but if the roles were switched and they were dating you would you feel the same way about monogamy then?

I’m single and lonely, but I’d rather be single and lonely than be with someone who’s cheating.
but thats just my opinion

Females are hypergamous which means they have no use for the majority of males. Polygamy fixes nothing. Polygamy is just idealized Serial (Fake) Monogamy, which is what occurs in practice.

(On another note, it’s really annoying that “hypergamous” doesn’t even get recognized as a real word)

honestly yes. Fine with polyandry if the partner count is below 3-4 at the same time. Or if more women were polyandrous.

okay, well good for you having that open mind and being honest and sensible about it.
(that sounds like sarcasm but its not)

It’ll be 4 simultaneously for like a week, then instant drop to 1 after the preliminary evaluations.

Live in your copes I suppose.

If women had only a single chance to choose a partner, they’d look for more subjective qualities, like honesty, honor, intelligence, moral integrity etc.

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Not sure true love exists

I truly love my family. I would sacrifice anything for them without hesitation.

There is no such thing as monogamy nor can there be in humans. Im going to argue that 80% of men in monogamous relationships with children, are raising another mans children. This is how its always been through out history.

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isn’t romantic love just pining for someone?

After a while pining is irrelevant if you are with someone for a long time as in theory both are secure they have and are with each other.


But if love means ‘enjoying the person a lot’ i guess that’s possible long term maybe

Monogamy historically was created during the first agricultural period of human history because it cuts down on male infighting, constant inter tribal warfare, and overall male violence.

It is really no secret that male aggression, violent competition, or just general infighting is tied to male sexuality itself. The creation of monogamy or marriage was a way of cutting down on all of that in the formation of collective social cooperation through sexuality itself within society. If you throw a majority of men enough female pussy male aggression and infighting goes way down, pretty simple. [Men will be too busy preoccupied with female pussy and rearing children that the impetus towards overall aggression becomes heavily depleted with energy exerted elsewhere.]

Monogamy or marriage only works if a majority of men have access to it.

Monogamy and marriage doesn’t work if you exclude a majority of men.

Monogamy and marriage doesn’t work if only a minority of people have access or the privilege to it.

With female sexual liberation unregulated sexual hypergamy has destroyed that original fabric of marriage and monogamy where marriage today is nothing more than a luxury charade that only the wealthiest of men get to enjoy anymore. [Of course many of them don’t want to even get married anymore because pump and dump is much more easier along with the never ending fear of divorce.]

So now we reverting back to a period of time much like the time before the historical agricultural revolution where a majority of men are left holding their dicks not having access to pussy. As it was in that period of history it will be again, male hostility or aggression will increase exponentially where tribal infighting will be prevalent everywhere and if history is a guide once you alienate a majority of men from society violent revolution will always be right around the corner especially when they organize into coalitions.

As chaos reigns supreme and societies are destroyed from within by a large mass of malcontent men eventually someone or something is going to have to turn the pussy spigot knob back on to a constant open flow [full volume blast] in order to pacify the majority of malcontent men which will undoubtedly only happen with the complete destruction of western female sexual liberation itself. [western feminism]

There’s only a few ways that will happen and it will require an existential crisis, world disruption, or huge giant catastrophe of some kind that will initiate that if men do not first initiate it themselves.

Human history is a never ending circular cycle self repeating itself through various manifestations.

Chaotic male infighting ----> Enforced sexual monogamy ----> Female sexual liberation —>
Chaotic male infighting once again -----> Enforced sexual monogamy once again—>repeating in cyclical ad nauseum…

Right now we’re in the cyclical stage of chaotic male infighting making a huge comeback in emergence. <------ You are here right now, we all are.

This is all that matters to modern women anymore, for females money is akin to God.
[Their God being Mammon itself]

Yeah family is different kind of love though

That’s pretty much what it is now but not true love in a real form.